Bruce Willis' 1985 Hair Returns to the 'Late Show'


The actor decided to recreate his first look on David Letterman's show.

Bruce Willis was feeling "sentimental" on the Late Show Wednesday when he decided to dress up, hair and all, exactly as he did during his first appearance with David Letterman.

The 60-year-old actor wore a hair piece and the same shirt he donned during his 1985 interview with the late-night host. Needless to say, Letterman found it "delightful."

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"I recently had a dramatic birthday," the Die Hard star explained. "I've just been very sentimental about it and I decided to go back to the very first look that I ever did on The David Letterman Show."

The Late Show then threw up a split screen of Willis from 1985 and now, causing the action star to joke, "I should've put a little more makeup on."

Letterman quipped, "You look equally youthful."

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As Letterman's last Late Show is quickly approaching, Willis recalled his first time talking with the beloved comedian when he was on Late Night. "I was so nervous," he remembers. "I was impossibly nervous."

Celebrities have been pulling out all the stops in lead-up to Letterman's final show on May 20.

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