'Vampire Diaries' Couples Showdown: Candice Accola Makes Her Steroline vs. Klaroline Pick!

We asked the blonde beauty to weigh the good and the bad between two of the series' most beloved 'ships: Steroline and Klaroline!

It's good to be bad – but it's even better when you're a vampire.

This season on The Vampire Diaries, fans have finally witnessed a Mystic Falls first: Caroline "Goody Two Shoes" Forbes as a blood-thirsty, uber-bitchy, humanity-less vampire -- and we are absolutely loving it!

Caroline's reign of terror continues on tonight's all new episode, so we sat down with Candice Accola to get the inside scoop on what's next.

Plus, we asked the blonde beauty to weigh the good and the bad between two of the series' most beloved 'ships: Steroline and Klaroline -- and you won't believe which couple came out on top!

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Out on the Internet, Caroline fans are firmly divided between who they believe their "Vampire Barbie" should be with: compassionate and loyal Stefan (Paul Wesley), or passionate and unpredictable Klaus (Joseph Morgan). It's quite the hot topic, so we asked Accola to list the pros and cons for each couple to see which supernatural twosome is best.

"Okay, Steroline Pro List: They've known each other for a while," Accola explained. "There's a foundation of friendship. She likes him a lot, but maybe a con is he's led her on a lot this season. She professed that she has liked him, and he didn't necessarily return that."

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The actress continued, "But then on the Klaroline side, you know Klaus is like a mass murderer. He has a child with someone, he lives in New Orleans and they'd have to do long-distance with all the supernatural chaos going on so the list just goes on and on and on."

So will Caroline be making it out to New Orleans any time soon? "I know this question gets asked a lot, especially to the writers, and on these shows it's kind of a never say never," the TVD star dished, "You never know what's going to happen. I don’t see Caroline going there very soon but I'm going there next week so I'll tell her about it!"

Sorry, Klaroline fans, but it seems like this is Steroline’s time to shine...

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Switching gears to tonight's hour, Accola confessed that we're going to see a brand new side to Caroline while she's at the mercy of Stefan's grand plan.

"This week we're going to see [Caroline] just full-on without her humanity and Stefan, with all of his efforts, is going to try to figure out how to switch it back on," Accola teased. "It's a really interesting dynamic having both of these characters be on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum."

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Watching Caroline and Stefan terrorize the town has been a thrill for Accola, and she's a little bummed that their time as a dark duo is coming to a close now that Stefan's humanity is back on.

"It was a very fun Bonnie and Clyde dynamic between the both of them," she gushed. "But I think wrapping up the series and getting closer to the finale, there are a lot of big shifts coming and I think we needed to bring Stefan back for some of those."

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Since turning off their humanity together, Caroline and Stefan have reached new (and oh-so sexy!) levels in their relationship, and Accola is curious to see if there will be any awkward backlash if/when both of their humanities are firmly back on.

"They've done a lot of damage with their humanity off and they've taken many step in their relationship with their humanity off," Accola said coyly. "So it'll be interesting to see what shifts in their really sweet, romantic when they basically wake up and go like, 'Wait what did we just do?!'"

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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