'DWTS' Season 20: Week 8 Heats Up With Passionate Performances


The best, worst and weirdest moments from this week's 'Dancing With the Stars.'

This week on Dancing With the Stars, it was America's choice when it came to the music and dances that the stars and their pro partners would be dancing too (although, after America's terrible choice last week, one wonders why the show leaves anything up to us… it still hurts).

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While all the dancers tried extra hard in the face of tomorrow's double elimination, three clear frontrunners emerged and, hopefully, solidified their places in the DWTS semi-finals. Let's take a look at the best, the worst and the weirdest moments of the night.


Noah Kills It Every Time

He started the night in a white tux and he ended the knight in a purple tux, and whether it's with one partner or two, Noah always looks amazing, he always dances with precision and he's generally just great.

Riker and Allison Are Amazing

Their first passionate dance involved passion, anger, pain, love and pyrotechnics. You can't ask for much more from DWTS.

Nastia Is Mythological

Nastia Liukin, Derek Hough and Sasha Farber collaborated on a Roman-themed mythological dance and Nastia and Sasha couldn't have looked cooler. It was one of the bester costume choices of the season, and a solid dance too.

Rumer and Val Are the Most Passionate People Ever

After a rough week, Rumer and Val came back with a passionate vengeance. If they aren't wildly in love than they are both amazing actors. The first dance of the night brought them a perfect score. Then, for the trio dance, Val and Rumer brought in Artem Chigvintsev and they ruled with a bullfighting routine. Rumer was so damn good she had two perfect dances and ended up with all 10s twice, giving her the highest scores of the night and one of the highest scores in the show's history.

No, Seriously, Riker Is Amazing

For Riker's trio dance, he proved once again that he could be a pro-dancer and that he should already be a bigger star. He's so damn charming.

Derek Dances Anyway

Despite a broken toe and sprained ankle, Derek Hough actually performed this week as part of Nastia's trio dance. While it wasn't as wild as Derek usually gets, the simple, brilliant performance from all three blew the judges away.


Derek in a Roman General

While Nastia and Sasha's roman-themed costumes were amazing, Derek's emperor outfit looked like they bought from the bargain bin at a Party City.

Robert Kissing Everybody

Just… stop, dude. Come on. Seriously. Erin Andrews doesn't want your stubble all over her mouth.


Chris Soules Somehow Got Kind of Charming

Despite being a mediocre dancer and kind of a controlling weirdo in a lot of the previous episodes, Chris was kind of charming and sweet this week, and his first dance was actually pretty good. It really putting a damper on disliking the guy.

Riker and Allison in Penguin Suits

This was just… why did this need to happen? Why was this ever a thing?

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Rumer Willis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy - 80 (40/40)
Riker Lynch & Allison Holker - 78 (39/39)
Nastia Liukin & Derek Hough - 76 (36/40)
Chris Soules & Witney Carson - 64 (34/30)
Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess - 63 (31/32)
Robert Herjavec & Kym Johnson - 62 (33/29)