Bono Hilariously Spoofs His Bike Accident on 'Tonight Show'


The U2 frontman addressed his recovery with humor.

may never play the guitar again after a devastating bike accident in November, but he at least has a sense of humor about it.

The U2 frontman, along with his bandmates, dropped by Friday’s Tonight Show as the episode’s lone guests and the 54-year-old singer spoofed his own bicycle accident in Central Park that left him with fractures to his left eye socket, shoulder blade and left elbow.

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In the two-minute pre-taped sketch, Bono takes his first bike ride since the accident on the streets of New York City alongside Jimmy Fallon. Everything’s going well until he veers off into the street and is suddenly hit by a large gray van mid-sentence. Ouch.

But thankfully, he’s A-OK! “That was a close on-,” Bono starts to say before boom, the same van reverses and strikes Bono from behind.

Amazingly, Bono has just a “couple of scratches.” And just as he’s about to get on with the show, the van pulls up yet again, hitting him (or rather, a dummy) again. Third time’s a charm?

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But there’s a twist: The driver of the van is The Edge, and he just wants to find parking!

Earlier this week, NYC subway riders got a special treat when U2 performed an impromptu free concert with Fallon for a segment on the Tonight Show.

U2 was originally booked for a weeklong November residency on the late-night talk show, but had to cancel after Bono’s accident, which required extensive medical treatment and surgery.

In an April interview, Bono said that he still isn’t able to play the guitar because he can’t bend two fingers in his left hand, while another part of his hand “is like rigor mortis.” Unfortunately, he won’t know if he'll get the full use of his hand for about another year.

U2’s Innocence + Experience Tour kicks off May 14 in Vancouver.

Remember when Coldplay's Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen filled in for Bono? Watch them perform with U2!