Death, Sex and Courtney Love?! 12 Crazy Moments From the 'Revenge' Series Finale!


Revenge has been rocketing along for four seasons of scheming, murdering, lying, backstabbing, double-crossing and twists so insane they would make any daytime soap opera say, "Wait, what?"

Now, the rollercoaster of emotions and vengeance has come to a close in a spectacular series finale that wraps everything up in a nice ball of comeuppance and closure. No Sopranos-esque cutting to black, no Dexter-esque 'Amanda-becomes-a-Canadian-lumberjack' twist, just good, old-fashioned revenge -- as the title has always promised.

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

For fans, the last episode had all the craziness you could possibly hope for from the ABC show.

Here are some of the most Revenge-tastic moments from the fast-paced series finale.

Amanda Pleads Guilty, Gets Sprung From Prison: In the opening moments from the show, with Ben (Brian Hallisay) dead and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) free and alive, Amanda (Emily VanCamp) knows her only option is to plead guilty to Victoria's murder, and then have Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) rescue her.

This all goes down super easily. It feels like America's prison systems should be a little better protected.

Victoria Used her Mom's Corpse: Were you wondering how Victoria faked her death? She used her mom's corpse. So, that's kind of totally insane. To be fair, her mom seemed pretty awful -- and flammable.

Amanda and Jack Hook Up: Hey! Look at that. Jamanda is finally making this physical attraction a definitive thing. Too bad it's clear things aren't going to go smoothly. We know from the promo that Jack ends up in a hospital bed. (Note: Don't actually worry about Jack.)


Jack Gets Stabbed by White Gold: Wait, maybe worry about Jack. White Gold (Courtney Love) stabbed him in the gut. She was about to kill him when SWAT officers stormed the house. Apparently she teleports and gets away, despite that being (in reality) not at all possible.

Jack Asks David for Amanda's Hand In Marriage: Hey! Jack didn't die (yet). He's in the hospital bed, on death's door, and he's asking David (James Tupper) for Amanda's hand in marriage. Clearly, everything is going to turn out fine. There's no way this ends tragically.

Nolan Wrecks White Gold: Nolan Ross doesn't like it when you try to murder his friends. He pays a particularly threatening visit to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) and convinces her to hire White Gold to kill him (It's a trap!). When White Gold arrives, he lets her stab him in the hand before tasering her with 70,000 volts and handing her over to the cops. It feels like he could have just tasered her when she got close to the bar, but to each his own.


Victoria Gets Shot: Finally, the showdown that's been coming for years! Amanda no longer wants to see Victoria inside a jail cell -- she wants to see her inside a coffin. But before Amanda can pull the trigger, a gun goes off and a blossom of blood erupts in Victoria's torso. Turning around, Amanda finds her own father holding a smoking gun.

Amanda's mad at first, but her father explains that she spent her entire life devoted to avenging and protecting him, now it's his turn to be a real father to her. And then they hug.

Victoria's Revenge: The (sweet?) father-daughter moment is interrupted when Victoria, with her dying breath, pulls out a gun and nails Amanda right in the back. Amanda drops to the floor and begins to bleed out and, in a perfect moment of equality -- which teaches an important lesson about the futility of vengeance -- both Amanda and Victoria die.


Ha! Tombstone Fakeout! See? She's dead. It says Clarke right there on the tombstone. Ha! Psych. It's her dad's tombstone. Amanda lived and it's completely okay. Remember how her dad had really aggressive cancer? Well, as it's explained in a flash-forward/flashback series of scenes, her dad went to jail for Victoria's murder but is let out early with compassionate release so he can die at home with his daughter. In a moving scene, he passes away next to Amanda on the front porch of their home.


Also, apparently there's no real moral lesson about revenge. It's totally cool and works all the time! No worries.

Hinting At a Sequel? In one of the least subtle hints at a possible spin-off ever, Nolan says that all he's known for years is getting back at the Graysons, and he literally asks, "Is there life after revenge for Nolan Ross?" Then, at the very end of the show, a random guy comes up to him asking for help in exonerating his mom. So… is this going to be a thing? This should be a thing.

Amanda and Jack Tie the Knot: Everyone lives! Well, everyone you want to survive does, and the series ends with total satisfaction. Jack and Amanda tie the knot in a loving ceremony, and Jack even gets a cute puppy wearing a bowtie!


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One Last Twist: In one final shocking reveal, it turns out that the only reason Amanda lived from her bullet wound, which destroyed her heart, was because she was saved by having Victoria's heart implanted in its place!

Ha! Just kidding. This is only a recurring dream Amanda keeps having while sailing away with Jack on their wedding boat.

Happy Revenge everybody!

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