EXCLUSIVE! 'Pretty Little Liars': New Time-Jump Looks, Wedding Gowns & More Fashion Secrets!

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OK, be honest. Who else has finished an episode of Pretty Little Liars only to frantically hop on the Internet in search of one of the PLL's badass outfits? (You should all be raising your hands right now!)

Whether you're a fan of Emily's(Shay Mitchell) laid-back style, covet Hanna's (Ashley Benson) sky-high heels, or have preference for the eccentric looks of Aria (Lucy Hale), chances are you've drooled over the fashion in Rosewood -- and that's all thanks to Pretty Little Liars' head costume designer Mandi Line!

To get a sneak peek at the fashion of season six, ETonline took an exclusive tour of PLL's iconic wardrobe trailer and in this first video (there's many more to come, little liars!) we got Line to spill secrets on what's coming up for our fierce females after the highly anticipated five-year time jump. (Spoiler Alert: One of the Liars might be wearing an all-white gown…)

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Each season, Pretty Little Liars causes a fashion frenzy with their unique looks and highly sought-after styles, and Line spilled that it's all thanks to the viewers. "I think the fans keep me on my toes for sure," the costume designer said.

Not only does Line feel like she needs to "step up [her] game" each year, she also makes a point to listen to what the fans are telling her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when picking out the Liars' outfits for each episode.

"The fans are always like, 'We need more this! What about this? Whatever happened to this?' So I think with social media now, I try my best to look at their responses and think, 'Hmm… I've got to go back to a little bit more original Aria.'"

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We already showed you how the makeup department is gearing up for PLL's flash-forward into the future, but how is Line and the rest of her team prepping for the time-jump? Line explained, "We, the art department and myself, I looked at the places where these people may be moving and living and you kind of take that look and you adjust it to their careers."

"They're getting older, so things are getting a little more calm," the fashion fanatic continued. "They're just more sophisticated. Things are cleaner. Things are simpler, but they will each have their roots. Aria is still going to be that vintage glam -- so think Sarah Jessica Parker. She did like t-shirts with bigger skirts, and heels instead of [Aria's] print print print print! So one thing will be subtle and the other thing will be bold."

"Their maturity comes out in fashion," Line furthered.

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Along with the time-jump, executive producer Oliver Goldstick teased that fans could be attending a PLL wedding in the later half of season six, and that's something that gives Line the chills -- literally.

"Oh my gosh I just got the chills!" Line exclaimed when we mentioned the potential nuptials. "I am so lame. Like I really love this show that much. How could you not give a wedding on this show?"

Although Line does not know who will be walking down the aisle, she confessed that she already has a few wedding gowns ready on stand-by. "I'm going to go back and grab the wedding gowns from season four and that's what they'll use," she said with a coy smile. "They get to pick from the four dresses that I had that episode."

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Yikes! But will Line remove the finger bones that Spencer discovered in the sash of her trashed gown? Nope! Sorry mystery bride, apparently those fingers are staying put. "That's what they get!" she said with feigned disgruntlement about all of the work headed her way. "Not only do we have, there's a secret about one episode, and then the time-jump, and then a wedding? Oh my god. There's so much!"

Keep it locked to ETonline for even more exclusive fashion videos inside PLL's wardrobe trailer with Mandi Line!

Pretty Little Liars
' sixth season premieres Tuesday, June 2 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

Are you excited to see what's in store for season six? Which Liar do you think will be walking down the aisle? Share your theories with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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