Vanessa Bayer Impersonating Rachel from 'Friends' Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day


Move over, Colbie Caillat! There's a new celebrity who just claimed the Friends fanatic throne.

Like all of us, Saturday Night Live's impersonation queen Vanessa Bayer is just as obsessed with the constant Friends re-runs and Netflix binge-fests, so when the funny girl stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, she showed off her spot-on imitations of the famous sixsome.

Riffing off of the fact that the Friends characters were an extremely exclusive clique, Bayer sent Kimmel into a fit of giggles with her eerily impressive impersonation of Jennifer Aniston's beloved character. Seriously, guys -- if you close your eyes, you would think that Rachel Greene was standing in front of you.

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But the Friends fun didn't stop there! The Trainwreck star also whipped out impressions of Monica's (Courtney Cox) iconic intensity, an uncomfortably awkward Chandler (Matthew Perry), and a perfectly flighty Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow).

Take a look at the video above to see all of Bayer's impressive Friends impressions!

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