EXCLUSIVE: Hello, Stranger? Halle Berry Wakes Up Next to a Naked Man in Her Bed on 'Extant'

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Halle Berry
has some explaining to do.

This week’s episode of Extant is about to show a whole new side to Molly Woods (Berry’s alter ego on the CBS summer drama), and ETonline has your exclusive first look!

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In the clip from Wednesday’s episode, “Cracking the Code,” Molly’s deep slumber is cut short when former cop J.D. Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) comes back to her with an “important” matter requiring her immediate attention.

Still recovering from whatever shenanigans she was up to the previous evening, Molly rolls over in bed to get ready to meet J.D. only to discover a very naked stranger underneath her pristine white sheets.

“You have to get outta here – right now!” Molly says with a new urgency.

Sadly, even the offer of breakfast in bed couldn’t make her change her mind.

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“I make a nice … frittata?” the naked stranger says in a failed attempt to woo her.

When Molly kicks him out of bed – and her house – he makes one last-ditch effort: “Call me?”

Hey, can’t blame a guy for trying!

Watch the rest of the clip above to see how it all plays out.

moves to its new time slot, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, this week on CBS.

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