'Orange is the New Black' Cast Reveals 4 Secrets About the Season 3 Finale!

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The stars of Netflix's hit prison drama revealed some on-set secrets during the Summer TCA Press Tour.

Things got wet and wild on the set of Orange Is the New Black in season three!

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At the Summer TCA Press Tour on Tuesday, the stars of OITNB took the stage to reveal four secrets about that fleeting lake-side escape beyond the walls of Litchfield.

1. The Lake Water Was Absolutely Freezing:
Although it looked like our Litchfield ladies were having the time of their imprisoned lives in that water, the cast revealed that the lake was incredibly chilly during the two days it took to shoot the scene.

"The space was absolutely gorgeous," star Elizabeth Rodriguez, who plays Aleida, recalled. "But I do remember by the end of the second day I was like, 'Um enough of this lake.' It was freezing!"

But while most of the cast was shivering during filming, Uzo Aduba was "frolicking" in the waters as if it were a tropical day spa. "I was really into it – It was great!" the Emmy-nominated actress exclaimed while her fellow cast members retroactively shuddered on stage.

2. Dayanara Had Extra Flotation Devices:
At this point in the season, Dascha Polanco's character Daya was supposed to be very pregnant, so she was padded up with extra curves.

But in between scenes, Lea DeLaria revealed that the cast had some fun with her Polanco's extra assets. "We were playing with Dayanara's breasts -- not her real breasts, her fake ones," she said with a laugh.

"We have pictures," DeLaria, who plays Big Boo, continued, "I put mine up on Instagram but then I got in trouble and had to take them down." Note-to-self: Do not use fake breasts as lake-side toys.

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3. Don't Mess With Pensatucky:
OITNB fans should already know that Taryn Manning's character Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett is a small screen force you don't want to reckon with, but apparently she's even more intense in the water.

"I learned something very surprising while we were filming that episode," DeLaria said while pointing at Manning. "Direct your attention to T. Mann right over here: who weighs, soaking wet, maybe 80 pounds."

"She almost drowned me and when were playing that chicken game! She held me under the water and I could not get up," the actress revealed with a laugh.

4. The Lake Scene Was Their All-Time Favorite:
Despite the fact that their lake-side adventure was chilly, the entire cast agreed that it was one of the best scenes of the series.

"I cried throughout the entire lake scene because I saw all the stories come together and it was beautiful and the journey was so clear," Rodriguez said of the final episode

"I loved it," Aduba agreed. "That was my personal favorite day of work of the entire season. It was just such a freeing moment. These are women who have been confined and restricted and to see that brief glimpse of who they outside of that world. They got to step outside for that one breath and be those joyful, loving, full and happy people."

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