EXCLUSIVE: Watch Austin Steal a Kiss From Liz on 'Big Brother'

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Big Brother's weirdest romance yet has taken an intriguing turn and ET has exclusive video of Austin kissing his fair maiden, Liz, during a late-night cuddle session.

Only problem? Liz isn't that into it.

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"Austin and I are besties," she says in the clip, explaining their relationship. "I absolutely love hanging out with him. I love talking to him. I love working out with him, but I don't see him in a romantic light, and he's starting to really like me so I'm in a bit of a pickle."

Up until now, it has been assumed that Liz was only putting up with Austin's advances so that he could move her and her sister further along in the game, but Austin seems none the wiser.

"Things just feel really good right now," Austin says.

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In the video, Liz and Austin are curled up in bed when Austin draws her closer and plants a kiss square on her lips. The kiss was quick and Liz pushes him away before joking with him.

"I hate you," Liz says playfully. "You're so annoying."

"I was not expecting it," Liz said later in her one-one-one. "He just sneaked in there and sneak attacked a kiss on me. What a night!"

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