EXCLUSIVE: 'Game of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Says He Can Cut His Hair Whenever He Wants

Nothing can cause an unexpected media frenzy quite like Kit Harington's hair.

SPOILER ALERT: If you live under a Westeros-sized rock, this post contains details about the season five finale of Game of Thrones.

Nothing can cause an unexpected media frenzy quite like Kit Harington’s hair.

After the shocking season finale of Game of Thrones in June, fans were left stunned, yet hopeful that Jon Snow could magically return to the series in some form or another. But there’s one telltale sign he might be gone for good: his hair.

Harington was still under his coveted hair contract while filming his latest movie, MI-5. But when asked what style he’d consider after the contact comes to an end, Harington tells ET, “I can chop it off right now.”

Hmmm! This wouldn’t be the first time Harington’s hair has given us pause. Fans even speculated his demise when he sported a shorter ‘do back in January, before the season finale aired. But if Harington was to return to the series, we doubt the showrunners would want their beloved Jon Snow to commit to anything more than a trim. (Unless, of course, this is all part of a clever ruse!)

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Speculation aside, Harington has (hopefully temporarily) put down his sword in lieu of a handgun for his new spy thriller, MI-5.

Harington plays Will Holloway, a special agent who teams up with disgraced Chief Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) to track down an escaped terrorist in London. Harington wanted to take on the spy flick, not only as a fan of the original long-running BBC series, but to avoid being typecast in period pieces.

“I’d just come off doing Thrones and Pompeii,” said Harington. “I think by that point I could feel myself getting a little boxed into one category, so I said, ‘Let’s just do something in the 21st century, please.’”

The movie was shot throughout the busy streets of London, which lent itself to a pretty entertaining problem on set.

“The film Pompeii was out at the time and I seemed to be plastered over every London bus!” recalled Harington. “[We had to call cut on many shots] because you’d see my face in the background going past on a bus.”

I don’t think we would mind more shots of Kit’s face, but we totally get it.

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And while gun-toting around London was mostly fun for Kit, the 28-year-old actor admitted he got a bit worried when filming a scene in Heathrow Airport.

“I had to run through Terminal 5 [of] Heathrow with a handgun,” said Harington. “I remember saying to the security guards, ‘You are absolutely sure that the security at Heathrow and the police know who I am and what I’m doing? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a shoot-to-kill policy here. If one police officers isn’t aware of what we’re doing, I don’t want to be faced with a real gun in my face,' and luckily, I didn’t have to.”

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Before our interview with Harington ended, we wanted to ask some of the fun/random Twitter questions we received from his fans, who aptly call themselves “kittens.” Harington himself doesn’t have a Twitter – so this was the first time he ever heard of the adorable name for his fan base.

“I didn’t know that!” said Harington. “Isn’t that sweet!? Go, kittens!”

“Panda!” answered Harington. “A panda or an owl.”

“Anything [with a] Mediterranean spread,” he said. “Fresh anchovies, parma ham, fresh tomatoes -- something like that.”

“The Prodigy,” replied Harington about the music video. “Listen to them -- it’s very angry music”

“We play this all the time on set,” Harington said with a laugh. “I’ve never got a good one.”

Can we give our suggestion?

“You Know Nothing, Kit Harington"