Stan Lee to Make Surprise Cameo on Special 'Let's Make a Deal' Episode

The legendary comic book writer surprises the audience in this special 'Nerds Rule' episode.

You may know Stan Lee as the legendary comic book writer, editor, producer, and all-around great human that he is – but over time, the 93-year-old icon has become somewhat of a cameo king.

“I have no competition!” Lee joked to ET. “I’m the only idiot who does those all the time! But they’re fun. I love doing them and I’m very pleased that people ask me to do them.”

Before he gears up for his array of Marvel Phase Three cameos undoubtedly on the horizon, Lee is making a surprise appearance on the special ‘Nerds Rule’ episode of the hit game show, Let’s Make a Deal. ET sat down with Lee backstage after the taping.

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“I got such a kick out it!” said Lee of the appearance. “It's so gratifying to see these people that really react and relate to what I've done. It's a terrific feeling.”

The episode will cultivate the greatest aspects of nerd culture into the games, prizes – and of course, you can expect the audience to be in full geekdom attire!

“They're dressed in their favorite video game characters and comic book characters. They've really just gone off the charts,” said co-executive producer Chris Ahearn.

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The audience had no idea Lee would be appearing on the show, and to sweeten the deal (pun intended), he was paired with one lucky contestant, who drew one of Lee’s famous comic book creations, and Lee had to guess the character.

Tune in to find out if Stan Lee gets it right when Let’s Make a Deal’s special ‘Nerds Rule’ episode airs Jan. 22 on CBS Television Network. Check your local listings!

In our interview, Lee tells ET he didn’t want anyone to know he was a comic book writer – find out why in the video below: