EXCLUSIVE: 'Flipping Out' Star Jeff Lewis Ready to Fire Housekeeper Zoila Chavez After She 'Abandons' Him


Is Jeff Lewis ready to end one of his longest-lasting relationships?

That’s what it looks like in ET’s exclusive first look at Thursday night’s all-new episode of Flipping Out. Jeff and his partner, Gage Edward, are preparing to leave on a business trip, but house manager Zoila Chavez is nowhere to be found. She’s supposed to watch over the couple’s pets and home while they’re away.

Zoila, of course, has worked for Jeff for more than a decade.

“I’m not playing these games!” Jeff shouts during a tense phone call with Zoila. “I will not play these games. You come back or you’re fired. You come back or you’re fired!”

“It’s OK,” Zoila replies. “Fire me. Long time ago you need to do that. Bye.”

The phone call ends, and Jeff is obviously fired up.

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“That’s how stubborn she is,” he says to Gage. “She makes the mistake, she’s reprimanded, and it’s my fault.”

“I was so upset,” Jeff then confesses in an interview. “I was really, really upset. I felt abandoned, I was very scared actually. What scared me is that she’s never pushed the boundaries this far. To leave right before we’re going to the airport … It really freaked me out.”

Because of Zoila’s disappearance, Gage decides to stay home.

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“We have to be on a plane in, like, an hour and a half,” Gage shares. “So, for her to storm out, that will now affect that trip, and that meeting that’s happening tonight, because I won’t be able to go. So, you’re now screwing with everyone’s livelihood, because this is business.”

“If this doesn’t get fixed quickly, there won’t be going back on this,” he adds.

See how the drama unfolds on Thursday night when Flipping Out airs at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.