Stephen Curry Does His Best Barack Obama Impression, Learns How to Trash-Talk the POTUS' Golf Game


Ellen DeGeneres and her guest co-host, First Lady Michelle Obama, welcomed Stephen Curry on Ellen for Tuesday's episode, where the FLOTUS gave the NBA star a tip on how to beat her husband, President Barack Obama, at trash-talking on the golf course.

As one would imagine, playing golf with the president can be intimidating, and Curry admitted that even though he's a better golfer than POTUS, he always loses in the area of trash talk.

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Eager to help, Michelle loaded him up with a quip to use the next time he faces off with Barack.

"Talk about his ears," Michelle said. "As you're putting, you want to say, 'The shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt.'"

The Golden State Warriors guard nodded in approval, before thinking twice about going forward with the barb.

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"It's not fair though," Curry joked. "He has 50 secret service [agents] out there, so if I trash talk, he just gives them the look and then I'm out of there."

Curry and Michelle were on the show, promoting their Drink Up initiative with Brita, which encourages families to drink more water by giving them an affordable option for better tasting water.