Attention 'Gilmore Girls' Fans: You Can Finally Drink Coffee at Luke's Diner!


If you've always dreamed of sitting at Luke's counter just like Lorelei Gilmore, now's your chance!

Say it with us, Lorelai Gilmore lovers: coffee, coffee, coffee!

As if it wasn't enough that Gilmore Girls will return with a four-part revival series on Netflix in November, the streaming service is giving us one more gift: the chance to visit Luke's Diner. Yes, really.

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Netflix is turning 250 cafes into Stars Hollow's famed diner for a one-day-only caffeinated affair on Wednesday, Oct. 5, giving away 250 12-ounce cups of coffee to fans. That means you better get there early -- the promo only runs from 7 a.m. to noon. Plus, everyone knows that Lorelai could consume that much coffee on her own.

Sadly, Luke won't be there to begrudgingly greet us with a pot of joe, a press release revealed that all of the stores will be "decked out with all the Luke's Diner essentials." We assume that means every proprietor will be wearing flannel and a backwards baseball cap -- blue or black only, of course.

All 50 states will be represented by at least one pop-up, and the full list can be found at The two Los Angeles-area locations are in Studio City and Beverly Hills, so fingers crossed that cast members make a surprise appearance at one of those shops.

This is already 250 times cooler than when Netflix built a pop-up shop at VidCon earlier this summer because, you know, there was only one of those.

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Does Oct. 5 sound familiar? It should for Gilmore Girls die-hards -- that's the date the drama premiered in 2000. Nostalgia at its finest!

We're not the only ones unreasonably excited about the series' revival. Check out what Lauren Graham (Lorelei) told ET about stepping into Lorelai's shoes again: