'Gilmore Girls': Looking Back at the Now-Famous Faces Who Once Graced Stars Hollow

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Oy to the vey, did Gilmore Girls have some impressive guest stars!

You probably don't remember many of these faces as more than the quirky characters who graced Stars Hollow (or dated Lorelai Gilmore or went to Yale with Rory Gilmore...) during the show's initial run back in the aughts, but many of the actors casted in supporting roles have gone on to major TV careers of their own.

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While some were quite memorable for their multi-episode arcs -- including Adam Brody as Lane's boyfriend, Dave Rygalski; Chad Michael Murray as Chilton playboy Tristan Dugray; and Krysten Ritter as one of Rory's Yale BFFs, Lucy -- many more had blink or you'll miss them parts.

 Truly, if you even remember seeing Community's Danny Pudi, Heroes' Masi Oka, or New Girl's Nasim Pedrad, major points for you!

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Even cooler, however, is that the sacred ground that is Stars Hollow gave some of these actors their first breaks. Melissa McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, had only been cast in a couple of parts before he landed a spot on Gilmore Girls, and a then-10-year-old Victoria Justice made her acting debut on the beloved mother-daughter dramedy. Even Jon Hamm made a stop in the fictitious Connecticut town well before he hit it big with Mad Men.

Who else appeared on The WB show over its seven seasons? Before the Gilmore Girls' Netflix revival arrives on Nov. 25, click through the gallery below to take a trip down memory lane and find out!

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