Oprah Winfrey Reveals Which Star Inspired Her Famous 'Oprah Voice'

The Big O also opened up about New Year's resolutions and her exit interview with Michelle Obama.

Oooooprahhhhhh Winnnfreeeeey!

During her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night, the Big O dished on a few highlights from her decades-long career, including the celebrity guest who inspired her famous Oprah voice.

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While we're all familiar with Winfrey's love of the holidays -- and bread -- the media mogul revealed to Colbert that's she doesn't share the same affinity for New Year's resolutions. 

"I used to have these really high goals for myself. Like, I remember in like '99 or something, going into 2000, [saying] 'I want courage. I want more courage in this year.' Or 'I want more passion.' You know, when you ask for courage, you get a whole lot of other stuff that's not [good]," she said. "So I say, 'Not asking for that no more! I don't want courage!'"

"And if you ask for love, you get the opposite, because you have to show how you can love people in spite of their failings. I'm telling you! So I'm just like, chill, 'Whatever you want, God. I'm OK,'" she added.

However, that's not to say Winfrey doesn't have a motto for 2017.

"This is my year of adventure," she explained of her January cover of O Magazine, where she's pictured at the Grand Canyon.

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Winfrey also reflected on years past, and the exit interview she conducted with Michelle Obama in December, as the first lady prepares to leave the White House.

"It was fun, but also bittersweet, because I had done a similar interview for the magazine in 2008, when the girls were just like, baby children," she shared. "The thing I said to her that I'm really going to miss is just the presence there."

"Over the years, you get the Christmas card [from the White House] and the girls are growing up. This year's Christmas card was like, the whole family, and the girls are all grown, in beautiful gowns, and for me, as an African-American woman, being able to see that reflection of myself through the girls and through her [was meaningful]," Winfrey elaborated. "I'm going to miss that. It has meant so much to me, as I said to her, the way she's handled all of it, the criticism from the beginning. Now, everybody likes her, but it didn't start out that way."

As for whether the first lady will ever run for office? "Never! Never," Winfrey said, adding she'd likewise "NEVER!" consider running either.

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While the Obamas have inspired Winfrey, it was another star who inspired the famous cadence she used while introducing celebrity guests and big giveaways ("You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!") on The Oprah Winfrey Show for years.

"That started because John Travolta was on my show many years ago, and I was introducing him, and I just love John Travolta," she confessed. "He just has a joie de vivre, there's just something about John Travolta. And I said, 'Coming up next, John Travolta!' And it just sounded so good."

"I was just so happy to be talking to John Travolta," she added, before Colbert hilariously made her say other phrases in the famous voice.

"The tests are back, you have chlamydia!" she yelled in an absolutely gif-able moment.

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