EXCLUSIVE: Watch Heather Locklear's First Lady Tell the President to Call His Mistress on 'Too Close to Home'

After catching her husband in an affair with a White House staffer, the first lady is preparing for her 'counter punch!'

No one puts the first lady in a corner, especially when she's played by Heather Locklear!

Only ET has an exclusive clip of Wednesday's episode of Too Close to Home, in which Locklear's first lady prepares to deliver her "counter-punch" to the president (Matt Battaglia) after catching him in an affair with Anna, a White House staffer (Danielle Savre).

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"So, you've been calling her?" First Lady Christian asks her cheating husband, after thinking she nipped his affair in the bud.

"What are you talking about?" the president responds, trying to play it cool.

"Oh, play games with me. Make me angrier," the first lady replies. "I asked if you were talking to her. Have you been calling her?"

"Yes, I have," President Christian admits, fessing up to sending a secret service agent to protect Anna, who has returned to her hometown of Happy, Alabama. "I wanted to make sure she was okay."

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"Is that all you wanted to know?" he continues. "Where are you going?

"To make my move," the first lady coldly answers. "You throw a good punch, so prepare for the counter one… You don't learn, do you? So I'm going to have to teach you. Why don't you call her again. As a matter of fact, call her in an hour."

See the full scene in the video above.

Too Close to Home
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