EXCLUSIVE: This 'Empire' Super Bowl Promo Is Nuts!


As if we needed more to look forward to during the Super Bowl LI halftime show!

Along with Lady Gaga (and Beyonce?), Empire will also be keeping fans glued to the screen this weekend with a new ad promoting the second half of season three. But you don't have to wait until Sunday to see it, because ET has the exclusive clip!

In the video, Cookie wields a bat a la Beyonce's Lemonade, as she charges headfirst into her battle with Lucious Lyon for control of the family business.

"You built this company on my back," Cookie tells Lucious. "And you want to erase me?"

While Lucious appears battered and bleeding in some shots, there are also quick looks of Lucious and Cookie in romantic embraces, foreshadowing a rollercoaster end to an already exciting season.

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"What me and your father got is very deep," Cookie says at the top of the clip.

Despite Jamal's trip to rehab, the young singer might be the most clear-thinking member of the family, judging by his one quip towards the end of the ad.

"That's a twisted kind of love right there," he says, uttering what we've all been thinking.

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The video also features a quote from ETonline, which this promo only proves further: "Cookie. Is. Queen."

The Fox drama returns Wednesday, March 22.