Lauren Graham to Star in New Fox Comedy 'Linda From HR'

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Lauren Graham is Linda From HR.

The Gilmore Girls star has nabbed the lead role in the new Fox comedy pilot, the network confirms to ET. Graham will play Linda Plugh, a human resources employee.

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Linda From HR
will follow Graham's character and the one bad decision that throws her monotonous, boring life into an exciting yet dangerous tailspin -- and a secret that could change everything. The single-camera family comedy was picked up pending casting, but given the go-ahead with Graham's commitment.

According toThe Hollywood Reporter, Graham had received multiple offers this pilot season, all for comedies. The new gig marks the 49-year-old actress' return to broadcast television following her role as Sarah Braverman on the beloved NBC drama Parenthood. Graham recently reprised her role as Lorelai Gilmore on Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life reboot.

Though the season finale of A Year in the Life seemed to leave the door open for more Gilmore Girls (Netflix has yet to confirm additional episodes) Graham's new gig could make a second return to the series even harder.

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Lucky for fans, however, Melissa McCarthy recently offered herself up to play Lorelai.

"[I wouldn't come back as Sookie], but I would come back as Lorelai," she told ET last month. "And that is a challenge to Lauren Graham."

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