'KUWTK' Season 13 Premiere: Khloe Plays Coy With Kim About Tristan Thompson as Kourtney Confronts Scott Disick

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The Kardashian sisters
were dealing with some serious relationship drama as season 13 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians kicked off on Sunday.

From Khloe not wanting to open up to Kim about her relationship with NBA player Tristan Thompson to Kourtney struggling to wrap her head around the nature of her relationship with ex Scott Disick, the sisters' sibling bond seems to be facing a bit of strain in the new season.

"I mean it's my sister, of course I want to know who she's hooking up with," Kim said in solo interview, after it's revealed that Khloe has been keeping her emotional distance since striking up her new relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

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Khloe has no interest in sharing with Kim -- although she seems to have no issues opening up to her eldest sister.

"Kourtney and I tell each other everything, because we don't pry too much," Khloe explained. "But with Kim, this is what makes her horny in life, like, finding out all these details, and just salivating at the mouth asking me all these questions."

"So we all know not to tell Kim anything unless we want to tell her every last detail," she added.

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As the girls were in Miami for Kanye West's Saint PabloTour, Kim hung out with Khloe in her hotel room, and started snooping around her recent purchases -- including a pair of lacey underwear.

"Why are you buying lingerie in Miami?" Kim asked teasingly.

"Why are you so up my ass?" Khloe shot back angrily. "You ask a million questions… just mind your own business."

Instead of taking the not-so-subtle hint, Kim kept on with the inquiry, pressing harder when it came to the hickey on Khloe's neck.

"This is exactly why I didn't want to tell Kim, look how f**king nosey she is," Khloe told the KUWTK cameras. "She's not going to crack me. This just makes me want to withhold my information even more."

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Eventually, Khloe lets Kim in on the truth about her love life when she brings Tristan to Kanye's show, and introduces the NBA star to her family -- much to Kim's delight.

"I knew she was messing with me, but I'm just happy that she's having a good time, and a new relationship," Kim gushed. "He's a little young, but I'm so excited to tell [a few] of my friends!"

Meanwhile, Kourtney was struggling with her post-breakup relationship with Scott, who still hangs out with his ex-girlfriend all the time, even when they aren't spending time with their three kids -- Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2.

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While in Miami, Kourtney is asked whether or not Scott would be joining the family for a celebratory birthday dinner for Kim's personal assistant, Stephanie. However, Kourtney doesn't like the implication that Scott goes wherever she does.

"Why does he have to go everywhere we go? That's why people get confused about stuff," Kourtney said, referring to recurring rumors that the couple are on the verge of reconciling. "I'm like, 'We're not together.'"

"It's just frustrating. Sometimes I just need a break from Scott," she added in a solo interview. "I just think I need to prioritize myself and be able to go to my friend's birthday dinner and enjoy the night without him being there when he's not even friends with [people there]."

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As the tension between them mounts, and Kourtney becomes increasingly frustrated with Scott's constant presence in her life when she's out and about with friends or family, the couple's issues are brought out into the open while sitting around Kourtney's house with their youngest son.

The 37-year-old reality star finally admits to Scott that she feels like she's walking on eggshells when it comes to being honest with him, because she's worried it might take a toll on his mental health and sobriety.

"I do feel scared about my actions setting you off," Kourtney confessed, "since you've been doing well."

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"I don't want you to have to feel anxious or guilty. There was a time in my life when your actions would affect me. But now, I've gotten older and realized all the responsibility I have to take on," Scott replied, glancing at his son playing nearby. "[So], no matter what you do, I can't change my life over it."

Ultimately, Scott admitted that he understands why Kourtney would want her own space, and said that he needs his as well, adding that the distance might actually be healthy for them, as friends.

"I guess we both do need to do our thing, without us being together," Scott concluded. "So knock yourself out, kid."

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