EXCLUSIVE: Chris Kattan Says 'DWTS' is Unfair: 'We Can't Move Like Simone Biles'

The former 'SNL' star opened up to ET about his time on 'Dancing With the Stars' after getting eliminated in week 2.

After being the first contestant to get eliminated on this season of Dancing With the Stars, Chris Kattan is opening up about why he believes the reality competition series is unfair.

The former Saturday Night Live star sat down with ET's Nischelle Turner on Thursday, and got candid about his brief yet memorable time on the show, dishing on the changes he would like to see in future seasons.

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Kattan said there is "an unfairness to the fact" that each year's slate of new contestants come into the competition with wildly different levels of dancing talent.

"Simone Biles and Charo and I are three different people going into the show," Kattan explained. "I'm not as good of a dancer as Charo [and] we have our different moves, but we can't move like Simone Biles."

Kattan says the real problem on the dancing competition show is with the judging because, while everyone comes in with various amounts of experience, they are all judged on the same criteria, which is inherently unbalanced.

According to the comic, there's two ways to fix the discrepancy. Either the stars DWTS casts should have "no dancing experience," or the judges should "acknowledge the fact that this person doesn't have experience and this person does. And give them the benefit of the doubt."

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While Kattan said he was "bummed out" when he was kicked off the show, he said he's "looking forward" to coming back and cheering on his fellow contestants later in the season.

On Monday, DWTS celebrated their fan-favorite "Most Memorable Year" week, where contestants reflected on a time in their past that had the most significant impact on their lives, and performed a routine inspired by that experience.

Kattan might not have gotten a chance to participate in the highly emotional episode, but the actor said he knows exactly what life experience he would have chosen.

"Actually there was a year that was one of the worst times I've ever had in my life," he said, recalling a time, nearly 15 years ago, when he was in the hospital recovering from a spinal fracture at the same time his dad was on his deathbed.

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"It was terrible, because I had to leave. I was like, 'How do I leave this hospital to go visit my dad, because I'm his only son,'" he recalled. "It was an awful time."

To compound matters, the actor was also going through a difficult, painful breakup.

"My girlfriend at the time couldn't handle taking care of me," said Kattan, who needed a lot of help after his traumatic injury. "So she was having an affair."

However, Kattan says that dark confluence of circumstances actually gave him some clarity and a bit of emotional strength.

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"I remember thinking, 'It can't get any worse than this.' And that made me feel more confident with anything else," he shared. "It just made me feel stronger and [made me want to] do something like go on Dancing with the Stars [despite my] injury."

For more on the SNL alum's time on DWTS, alongside his partner Witney Carson, check out the video below.