Harry Styles Debuts Second Single 'Ever Since New York' on 'Saturday Night Live,' Shows Off Comedy Skills


Harry Styles shined on Saturday Night Live
over the weekend with two great musical performances and some of the night's funniest cameos.

Decked out in a plaid suit, Styles owned the stage, singing as a solo artist for the first time without his former One Direction bandmates with a powerful performance of his debut solo single, "Sign of the Times."

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Styles returned for a second performance later in the evening where he premiered another new tune – which should be exciting news to fans who have been racking up repeats of "Sign of the Times" over the last few weeks.

The singer's second single, "Ever Since New York," is a slower, lovelorn ballad that will no doubt spark speculation over who it could have been written about, but is still a solid example of his vocal talent and versatility.

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However, the 23-year-old English heartthrob didn't just stick to singing. Taking a page out of frequent SNL host and musical guest Justin Timberlake's play book, Styles also flexed his comedy muscles in a few sketches, and the effort actually paid off.

His comic talent was especially clear when he showed off his formidable impression of a 1970s-era Mick Jagger in a game of "Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition."

As the famed Rolling Stones front-man, Styles even poked fun at his departure from One Direction and goals to become a successful independent artist.

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When Family Feud host Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) asks Jagger – who had traveled to the present from the 1970s – if he would every try to branch out on his own from the Stones, he laughs.

"Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band want to go solo?" Styles' Jagger scoffed. "That is insane."

For more on Styles' debut solo single, check out the video below.