7 Mind-Blowing Performances From 'America's Got Talent' Season 12 Premiere

From magicians to 12-year-old superstars, the new season of 'AGT' started off strong on Tuesday.

America's Got Talent
kicked off it's 12th season on Tuesday, and the stunning premiere featured some of the best performances in the show's history.

With Tyra Banks as the show's new host and some jaw-dropping contestants, this new season could be one of the best in years. Here's a look at all the dancers, magicians, and singers that stole the spotlight and the audience's hearts.

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1. Yoli Mayor Wows With a Second Chance

When this 21-year-old songstress took the stage in a cocktail gown and diamond jewels, she got stopped before she even had a chance to start her performance when Simon Cowell said her stage presence wasn't working. So, with the help of Tyra Banks, she took off her heels, the sparklers and let her amazing voice shine with a stunning rendition of Ed Sheeran's "Make It Rain" that blew everyone away.

2. Junior & Emily Alabi: Salsa Superheroes

This dancing brother and sister duo take salsa to a whole new, insane level, putting a futuristic twist on the iconic dance, and creating something wholly original in the process. Their performance is fast-paced, acrobatic and unlike any dance number you've seen before.

3. Will Tsai Blows Our Freaking Minds

If there was ever a performance that proved magic was real, this is it. This unfathomably talented close-up magic artist asked the audience not to blink for a few moments, and anyone who did instantly regretted it. What he's able to do with four quarters, a few cards and a rose will change your conception of prestidigitation.

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4. Merrick Hanna Does 'The Robot'

Twelve-year-old Merrick took the stage with all the adorable nerves, excitement, optimism and hesitation that you'd expect from a young kid standing in front of the biggest audience of his life. And then he delivered a performance so touching and downright heartbreaking it almost brought the judges to tears. Merrick's version of The Robot is far different than you might imagine, and you might just cry hearing the story of a broken automaton, told through dance.

5. Puddles the Sad Clown Sings Sia

When the operatic sad clown Puddles Pity Party took the stage, it was clear there was some hesitation among the judges -- after all, they've seen a lot of weird and confounding acts. However, as soon as this baritone-voiced jester began belting out Sia's "Chandelier," it was clear he'd won over every heart in the theater.

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6. Demian Aditya Defies Death, Might Be Able to Teleport

Here's the Houdini-esque set-up orchestrated by this death-defying escape artist: He gets chained up inside a glass box, with 900 pounds of sand suspended over him. He has two minutes to escape, or the sand crushes him and he's buried alive. According to Demian, he'd only done this stunt twice in his life, and you won't believe how this thing ends.

7. Darci Lynne, the Singing Ventriloquist

Talking without opening you're mouth is always an amazing feat, but singing at the top of your vocal range and delivering a flawless performance that looks like it's coming out of the mouth of a stuffed cartoon rabbit? That's something entirely different. 12-year-old Darci could have had a shot at the AGT crown even if she'd just come on as a singer, but to deliver the song through flawless ventriloquist performance sealed the deal. Which is exactly why she (rightfully) earned the Golden Buzzer from judge Mel B.

America's Got Talent
airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT 7 p.m. CT on NBC.

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