EXCLUSIVE: Bellamy Young Shares Hopes for Final Season of 'Scandal' -- Plus, What She Plans to Steal From Set!

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Bellamy Young is gearing up to say goodbye to Mellie Grant.

“Every moment is just, you know, it’s like death by a thousand goodbyes,” the Scandal star tells ET. The final season of the hit ABC show goes into production this fall. 

“It hurts a little bit,” she says, “but I can't wait to see what everybody moves on to, and I'm so grateful we have this last year together.”

ET caught up with Young at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Monday, where Max Mara was celebrating Zoey Deutch as the 2017 Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future.

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“I mean, what a time,” Young gushes. “What a time to be alive, what a time to be here … to throw this event is perfect. It's right.”

The night was all about the power of women in film, and this fall, Young steps back into some powerful onscreen shoes as president of the United States on Scandal.

“I really hope that we get to see a woman in the role of president, who really brings grace and nobility, and fair mindedness,” she says. “I just hope she's a wonderful president. She will fail a lot, 'cause she's Mellie. But that's OK. People fail ... I think America, you know, it'll be nice to see a woman in that position really rising to the occasion.”

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“I'm not sure this is how it was originally envisioned,” Young shares. “You know, we shot five episodes [for season six] last summer and then we came back in January, but the world had changed just a lot after our American election, and they threw out all the scripts, because there was a lot of crossover with things, like Russians hacking the election.”

“They had planned out things that actually wound up coming to pass,” she adds. “So, I feel so lucky to get, to have gotten to be president. It does feel magical … I'm grateful to get the opportunity.”

Young will also get the opportunity to steal something from the set as a memento when production wraps in 2018.

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“You know, there is a very beautiful carpet in my new residence area,” she confesses with a laugh. “When we were shooting there, I was like, 'This room is so beautiful!' And Kerry [Washington] was like, 'When we wrap, you should take that carpet.' It had never occurred to me. People do what? Yeah, so, now it's in the back of my mind.”

returns to ABC this fall. For more from that Max Mara event, check out ET’s chat with Jon Hamm below.