'Game of Thrones' Cheat Sheet: The 6 Biggest Moments You Need to Remember Before Season 7 Premieres!

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Praise the old gods and the new!

After 385 dragon-less days, (hell yes, we've been counting) Game of Thrones is finally returning to our lives with what is promising to be a truly sensational seventh season. But before we embark on our journey back into Westeros, we have a feeling that you need a refresher course on all of the iciest twists and wild-fiery turns of season six!

Press play on our ultimate recap video above to catch up with Jon, Cersei, Daenerys and all the rest of your GoT favorites and then read through the article below for the six biggest moments from the season six finale.

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1. Who's Your Daddy, Jon Snow? The answer behind Jon Snow's mysterious geneology has finally been revealed! After a fatal encounter with an army of vicious White Walkers (We miss you, Hodor!) Bran used his warg-tastic abilities to go back to the day when a young Ned Stark reunited with his sister, Lyanna, who had been kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen. Lyanna had just given birth to a son, and before her post-delivery death, she made her brother promise to look after the little baby and to hide him far away. And who was that little bundle of joy? Jon freakin' Snow! This means that Jon, our newly appointed King of the North, is not only a Stark, he's also a full-blooded male Targaryen, which, according to tradition, puts him first in line of succession for the Iron Throne. Plus, that means that Daenerys is technically -- wait for it! -- Jon's aunt! Insane, right?

2. The Sparrows -- and Margaery -- Flew Away to Heaven: On the day of Loras Tyrell and Cersei Lannister's trial for their crimes, all of King's Landing's upper echelon -- including Queen Margaery – were tucked inside the Great Sept of Baelor. While waiting for Cersei to make her presumably fashionably late appearance, Margaery had an epiphany that everyone inside were sitting ducks – or should we say Sparrows? All of a sudden, a gigantic explosion of wildfire engulfed the court, and everyone, including the entire Tyrell clan (minus wonderfully snarky grandmother Olenna, who has found her way to Dorn), was viciously burned to a crisp. Oh, and if you couldn't already tell by now -- it was Cersei's wicked plan.

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3. Tommen Takes a Tumble: You might be wondering where Tommen was when his beloved queen was getting barbequed across town. Well, just as the young king was about to leave for the Sparrow trials, Cersei had The Mountain physically block her son's exit. While trapped in his royal bedroom, Tommen had a front row seat to watch the Great Sept's fiery destruction and demise of his new bride. Tommen then, ever-so-calmly, took off his crown and proceeded to hop head first out of his high-towered bedroom.

4. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Lannister Scorned: While Cersei chose to murder Margaery, the Tyrells, the Sparrows and thousands more King's Landing citizens, there was one person she kept safely locked away from a blazoned death: Mother Unella -- aka the bitch with a bell who shamed Cersei during her naked walk of atonement. It's safe to say that Unella is going to live out the rest of her days in hellish regret for what she did to Cersei. Oh, and as for the crown? Now that all of her children have died (just as the prophecy predicted!) she took her place on the Iron Throne as the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

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5. A Girl Gets Her Red Revenge: If you bawled your eyes out at the Red Wedding back in season three, then we have some amazingly satisfying news for you! While in disguise as a faceless commoner, Arya served Walder Frey his supper at Riverrun. What was on the menu, you ask? A steak pie made with the severed body parts of his sons -- "Black Walder" (who killed Catelyn Stark) and Lothar (who killed Robb Stark’s pregnant wife, Talisa). "My name is Arya Stark," she said cheerily while pulling the mask off her face. "I want you to know that the last thing you're ever going to see is a Stark smiling down as you as you die." She then slit his throat and, as promised, smiled as she officially crossed off one of the biggest names on her hit list.

6. Daenerys' Deep Sea Departure: After six full seasons of questing, conquering and keeping track of her dragons, Daenerys Targaryen -- and her thousands of Dothraki and unsullied-filled ships -- are officially enroute to Westeros to seize her (seemingly) rightful place on the Iron Throne. Dany also made some serious shake-ups when it came to the men in her life. In a tear-jerking moment, she promoted Tyrion to be the official "Hand of the Queen," and she demoted Daario from lover to the only one being left behind in Meereen. Sorry, bro – but a queen's gotta do what a queen's gotta do!

Game of Thrones' seventh season premieres Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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