EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Stanton Opens Up About 'Bachelor in Paradise,' Says Filming Was 'Intense' After Scandal

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Amanda Stanton is speaking out about what went down in Paradise.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the Bachelor in Paradise star in Los Angeles on Thursday, where she opened up about the season four shutdown, and what it was like to return to Mexico after filming had resumed.

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"I don't really want to speak on what actually happened, but I do know there was an investigation, and they found that nothing was wrong," Stanton shared. "I know that I've never felt unsafe. I've always felt very comfortable there and I trust the producers and I trust the show, that if they [conducted an investigation] and everything was fine, then I don't think Corinne [Olympios] or DeMario [Jackson] did anything wrong."

"I think it was kind of just a confusing, weird situation and so many people were speculating on it and it got a little out of control," she added. 

Warner Bros. announced that production on season four of Bachelor in Paradise had been halted on June 11 following a producer's claims of misconduct after a sexual encounter between Olympios and Jackson. On June 20, Warner Bros. and ABC announced the show had been cleared of any wrongdoing, and the cast -- minus Olympios and Jackson -- returned to Mexico to resume filming.

According to Stanton, by the time filming resumed, the cast was "so over all the drama." "We knew we had to talk about it. I mean, that's never happened before and we were filming and we all went home and left, and then we came back. We talked a little bit about what happened, and then after that, we kind of moved on and just did the normal Paradise thing, and it was a lot of fun."

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It was fun, Stanton said, but also "intense," as the rest of the season was filmed in just 11 days. "It was just a little more fast paced, so there were more dates. We did rose ceremonies every other night," she noted. 

A quicker pace wasn't the only change to production. Stanton confirmed that the show implemented a two drink per hour maximum, and declared that contestants had to ask for a producer's permission to spend the night alone with another cast member. 

"[The new rules] were pretty standard, and for me it didn't really make a difference, because I feel like they were rules that I kind of already followed anyways," she revealed. "I think it's good to have those there just to be extra cautious. It didn't really affect things too much."

"f you guys were going to go into [a private] room, you both had to [find a producer and] say that you wanted to do it, just to be extra cautious. It's kind of weird, but it makes sense," she added. "They were like, 'If someone goes in the room without asking, we'll come in there and ask you,' so it's less awkward if you find them beforehand."

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As for the upcoming reunion special, the blogger said that "it will be good" for Jackson and Olympios to make their return and "set the record straight." "I think people will have a lot of questions for them, just because this was such a huge thing," she shared. "[It will] probably [be therapeutic]." 

Stanton, who left Paradise engaged to Josh Murray last season (the two later split last December), wouldn't reveal how things turn out for her this time around, but said that the break in production might have "helped" some relationships, as possible couples could have seen each other in the outside world. For now, though, she said she's single -- but happily hanging out with her girlfriends, like Bachelor alum Sarah Herron.

"I met Sarah on Bachelor in Paradise and she's such a sweetheart. I just love that she's using her platform for something that's so empowering, and something that is near and dear to her heart, so I love to support Sarah," said Stanton, who reunited with Herron, Ali Fedotowsky, Ashley Iaconetti and Becca Tilley for a photo shoot celebrating the one-year anniversary of Herron's non-profit, SheLift, which empowers girls to embrace their physical and emotional differences through outdoor adventures.

"Having two daughters and just knowing how important it is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, that's another reason why I really love what Sarah's doing," she added. "It's something that I make an effort to teach my kids everyday."

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