Rob Lowe and His Sons John and Matthew Take the 'Tonight Show's 'Best Son Challenge'

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Rob Lowe's sons
put their knowledge of their father to the test on The Tonight Show on Monday, when they took the "Best Son Challenge."

The Code Black star
and his two sons, Matthew and John, sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Monday, while promoting their upcoming show, The Lowe Files, and they played a fun game to see which kid knew their dad better.

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The "Best Son Challenge," which basically followed the same rules as The Newlywed Game, saw John and Matthew listening to questions about their father, writing their answers on a piece of paper, and seeing if their answers matched up with their dad's answers.

Things started off pretty evenly, with both brothers correctly guessing that if their dad could only watch one movie for the rest of his life it would be Goodfellas. However, things got a little shaky after that.

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The tides turned with the second question, when the boys were asked what Rob would ask for if a genie gave him one wish. Matthew took the lead by correctly guessed that his dad would ask for a magically long life.

After basically everyone messed up and incorrectly guessed what makes Rob laugh the most (they gave John the point just to make him feel better), the whole contest came down to the question, "What is Rob's hidden talent that not too many people know about?"

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As it turns out, nobody knows Rob as well as they thought. Mathew answered "impressions," while John guessed that his dad would say it's his love of history. But the star's real hidden talent, apparently, is surfing. That meant a tie, with both sons earning the title of Best Son (although one of them earned it a little more than the other).

In their new series, Rob and his sons travel America investigating modern myths, weird legends and spooky stories. Check out the video below for a look at The Lowe Files, which premieres on Aug. 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.

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