'Insecure': Lawrence Says He's 'Done' With Issa, Molly Gets Involved


Is it really over?

In the second episode of Insecure season two, Issa (Issa Rae) is determined to give Lawrence (Jay Ellis) "space to forgive" her.

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Their impromptu quickie (on last week's episode) restores Issa's hope for a fully rekindled romance, but couch sex doesn't mean much in these complicated times. Lawrence clearly feels differently about getting back together.

Issa assumes that he's simply trying to "organize his feelings" by avoiding her, which is partially true. Meanwhile, Lawrence "can't even believe," that he slept with her, and he apparently still wants to work things out with Tasha (Dominque Perry).

Following an awkward "I slept with my ex" confession that ends with Tasha asking him to leave her apartment, he eventually works his way back into her good graces.

As Lawrence tries to potentially build a new relationship, Issa slips into detective mode when she finds out about Tasha. Her plan to stay away from being "petty" crashes and burns when temptation takes over and she finds herself trolling Tasha's social media accounts.

When it comes to spying on her ex-boyfriend's new girl, Issa proves that she's willing to travel for evidence. But despite driving to Tasha's workplace and daydreaming about punching her in the face, she never actually gets out of the car.

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Naturally, things get a little too complicated for Issa to handle alone, so she turns to her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) for help. Even though Molly has her own issues to deal with (like being paid less than her white male colleague), she stages a run-in with Lawrence to put in a good word for Issa.

Unfortunately, Lawrence doesn't buy Molly’s “Issa cheated, but she’s not a cheater,” pitch.

"Lawrence said that he's done," Molly tells Issa, who seems crushed by the news. (She had to see this coming, no?)

With Lawrence seemingly moving on with his life, Issa attempts to do the same while reconciling with a harsh reality: "It's hard for men to come back from cheating."

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