EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Richie and Briga Heelan Dish on Tina Fey Joining 'Great News' For Season 2

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Fey definitely has a fan in Heelan, who tells ET her character is 'obsessed with her.'

Great news! Tina Fey is joining season two of Great News!

ET's Leanne Aguilera caught up with Nicole Richie and Briga Heelan at NBC's Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday, where they opened up about what it's like to have their boss (Fey executive produces the series) play their boss on the show.

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"You are in luck because she's going to be in a few episodes as Diana St. Tropez, our new boss. And that's where we kind of pick up so she will be joining the show," Richie revealed, adding that her character, Portia, isn't too thrilled with Diana's presence. "She's not happy about it, and we'll see where it goes."

Heelan said her character, Katie, couldn't feel more differently. "I'm like, obsessed with her. Just up her butt and around the corner, which is very funny," she dished. "It's pretty easy to play that I really look up to this person because it's Tina Fey! It's like, 'OK. That's gonna be pretty easy.'"

NBC first announced that Fey would be joining the series in a recurring role in May, after the comedy was picked up for a second season. On Thursday, showrunner Tracey Wigfield described Fey's role as "sort of the Sheryl Sandberg on steroids," who serves as a foil to Andrea Martin's character, Carol, at their fictional news network, MMN.

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"Her presence in the show, I hope, really sets up all of our characters on really funny stories for the rest of the season," Wigfield said of Fey, who will appear in seven episodes of season two.

Great News
returns for season two this fall on NBC.

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