EXCLUSIVE: 'Shahs of Sunset' Cast Confronts Asa for Saying She Got Pregnant Naturally at 40 -- Did She Lie?


Did Asa Soltan Rahmati lie about the circumstances of her “miraculous” pregnancy?

That’s the question posed by her Shahs of Sunset co-stars in ET’s exclusive sneak peek at Sunday night’s episode. Asa and her longtime love, Jermaine Jackson II, welcomed their first child back in January. Asa kept the news a secret from her pals for most of her pregnancy. 

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“Why are we friends with someone who can’t tell us anything about themselves?” Golnesa
‘GG’ Gharachedaghi poses to the group. “I want more Asa in my life.”

“There’s certain things I won’t give you,” Asa fires back.

That’s when Shervin Roohparvar jumps in and asks if Asa took hormones or anything to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Asa stumbles over her answer before admitting that she froze her eggs years ago, though she doesn’t say whether she and Jermaine used those eggs to get pregnant. Still, the confession shocks Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid.

“Oh my god,” she blurts out. “When I was freezing my eggs, you asked me about the egg freezing process in case you wanted to do it, but you had already done it? … You lied to me about freezing eggs!”

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Asa begins to backtrack, saying she actually froze embryos -- not eggs -- when she was 37, adding that she didn’t share the information at the time with MJ because she doesn’t trust her. Asa then clarifies that she did not use the embryos to conceive her child at 40.

“We started trying and, honestly, I’m really shocked at how fast it happened,” she tells the group.

“I’m no doctor, but somehow at 40 years old, Asa miraculously had a natural pregnancy,” Mike Shouhed sounds off in a confessional. “To [say that] with a straight face? Pretty f**king impressive.”

When Mike and Reza Farahan dropped by the ET studios for a Facebook Live chat last month, they told us they felt forced to confront Asa about sharing more of her life this season.

“How many years can you go by with just being super surface?” Mike asks. “It had to end … it’s like, come on, man. Let’s get real. People want to see what’s really going on. So, finally, we’ve peeled back the layers of the onion and now you’re seeing some truth. Some real, deep truth and this season is going to expose some people who have done a great job of BS-ing their way through the past few seasons. It stops here."

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The guys admit Asa becoming a mom “completely changed” the dynamic of the group.

“She’s in mommy mode,” Reza says. “She’s a first-time mom and an older one at that. You know, you change, and your priorities are different and, you know, she’s focused on what’s important for her, which is her baby and her business, and her relationship and her family.”

“I give her a lot of credit,” Mike admits. “She’s like a lion. She watches out for her man, she watches out for her baby. She doesn’t take any s**t from anybody. She lets it be known, don’t mess with me, because I won’t take it.”

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