'Twilight' Stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Recreate the Cullens' Baseball Game

The actors starred as Emmett and Alice Cullen in the franchise.

Once a Cullen, always a Cullen. In a new clip, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene reprised their Twilight roles as vampire siblings Emmett and Alice Cullen to hilariously recreate a scene from the 2008 flick.

The reunion happened in content creator Matt Cutshall's latest work, Emo's Not Dead. In the clip, which also starred Arielle Vandenberg, Lutz, in character as Emmett, appears on a field after hearing someone say the word "vampire."

Wearing a sideways baseball cap and standing in the open field, the setup was clearly a nod to the Cullen family baseball scene in Twilight

As a choreographed fight breaks out between Lutz and Cutshall's characters, the former seems surprised by the latter's skills.

"That's right, b**ch. Guess who's Team Jacob," Cutshall says, referencing the franchise's hotly debated love triangle between Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

Just when the fight gets more intense, Greene's Alice, wearing her baseball gear, runs onto the field. After getting Emmett to stop the fight, she references a line from Twilight, telling Vandenberg's character, "We're going to be great friends." It's a line she told Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in the flick.

"Always fun bringing Emmett back to life," Lutz captioned the clip.

Greene shared photos of herself and Lutz in costume from the shoot, including one of him holding her.

"Blast from the past with @kellanlutz," Greene captioned her post. "It made my heart jump being reunited with this one and having some fun with @arielle and @mattcutshall."

Nikki Reed, who played Emmett's partner Rosalie in the flicks, commented on the post, quipping, "Oh good I told Emmett I needed some 'me time' so I’m glad he met up with you for some baseball. Love you guys!"

When ET spoke to Lutz in January 2020, he revealed what he wished he'd done more of during his early days of fame amid the success of the Twilight franchise.

"To journal or take more photos. To this day, I don't remember as much as I wish I did. It's a lot thrown at you," he said. "I was 22 maybe at the time, and this was just such a big thing for all of us."

"I enjoyed it, fully, and I took advantage of a lot of things," Lutz continued. "But I wish I was able to be more present by recording it more."



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