Tyler Oakley Shares Why He's Taking a Break From YouTube

The 31-year-old influencer shares real reason he's going on hiatus in a YouTube video on Tuesday.

Tyler Oakley is taking some time away from YouTube.

After 13 years on the platform, Oakley has decided to step away for a while to work on other projects, the 31-year-old influencer announced on Tuesday in a YouTube video titled “See Ya Later.” 

Like for many people, 2020 has been a rocky one for Oakley. “Everything has been canceled, every fun thing that I had planned has been canceled, all the video projects that I thought we were going to do have been canceled," he said.

It hasn’t been all bad though. Oakley mentioned a few fun highlights from the year -- like his fitness series with IGTV, and of course, making weekly YouTube videos for his more than seven million subscribers. 

“I have been making videos and uploading them every single Tuesday at noon for years and years and years and years and years,” he continued. “If you have been watching since I have been in college -- I was 18 when I started and I am now 31 -- so, you can go back and find any single week of my life between those two dates and see what I was up to. I've never really taken a break and it is now time for me to take a break.” 

Oakley didn’t specify how long the hiatus will be, but he did reveal that he will be “working on some stuff that I have always wanted to do.” 

“I do not have an end in sight for when I will be back," he admitted. “I'm gonna be focusing on some other stuff that I'm actually really excited about and I'm really ready to develop out and make into some fun, new, little things. I haven't felt a fun, new, little thing in a long, long time, so I'm gonna try some fun, new, little things.” 

“I will be back at some point, but I'm not gonna say when because I don't know when and it might take me a second,” he said, assuring fans that he “has loved making stuff on this channel for years and years and years,” and plans to “keep going as long as I still love it.”

In the meantime, fans can keep up with Oakley on social media and his Psychobabble podcast.


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