Tyra Banks Says She's Gained 25 Pounds Since 2019 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Cover

Tyra Banks
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

'I have a very interesting relationship with food.'

Tyra Banks loves the way she looks at any size! The 46-year-old supermodel shares her daily food diary with Harper's Bazaar and admits that her body has changed since she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue last year

"I have a very interesting relationship with food. I have to say that it is one of the most important things in my life," she shares before admitting that she's put on some weight. "Right now, you can’t tell because I have on a men’s blazer, [but] I am 25 pounds heavier than I was on the cover of a very famous swimsuit magazine that came out last year."


Banks insists that she has no issue with her weight gain and plans to keep eating what she enjoys. The America's Next Top Model host even says she's been known to order the same meal from two different restaurants to compare them.

"I do it with my son, I do it with my man, we line it up and then we score the different restaurants with the same item," she explains. "What happens is, the next time you order, you know where to order from because one of them is always nasty."

In the past, Banks has come for her critics who have insulted her weight. In an exclusive interview with ET's Nischelle Turner in 2018, the supermodel revealed she nearly had her producers redo the 2007 segment on The Tyra Banks Show, when she famously told her haters to "kiss my fat a**."

"I felt like I had a responsibility, you know? I wasn't just thinking ratings. I was thinking, like I have a responsibility to be strong, to be noble and to say, 'Kiss my fat a**' like this," she shared. "And I thought any emotion, any breaking, any tears, was weak and that I had all these women I felt on my shoulders and I needed to support them."

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