Tyrese Gibson Jets Out of 'Toxic' LA as Child Abuse Investigation Is Dropped

The 'Fast & Furious' star previously made an emotional plea to his ex-wife on Instagram to not 'take my baby.'

Tyrese Gibson is no longer being investigated for child abuse.

A source close to the Fast & Furious star tells ET that the Department of Children and Family Services has dropped its investigation, after his ex-wife, Norma Gibson's, request for a restraining order alleging he abused their daughter. DCFS investigations are protocol in situations where child abuse has been alleged.

In August, Norma -.- who has been divorced from Tyrese since 2009 -- alleged in court documents that Tyrese hit and beat their daughter to the ground. Tyrese says the allegations are false.

Following the news, Tyrese took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal he was taking a trip out of "toxic" Los Angeles following his recent meltdowns on social media.

"I hope and pray that all of this toxic bulls**t goes away soon," the 38-year-old actor wrote. "I’m a positive father aka person who loves to laugh and inspire - I️ have a gift and that’s to connect to and with people."

Tyrese has since shared that he's in London, meditating and practicing yoga to deal with the turmoil in his life, which also includes a feud with his Fast costar Dwayne Johnson.

ET caught up with the actor on Thursday outside the courthouse where he got emotional over the custody battle over his 10-year-old daughter.

"They call me crazy, they said I'm having mental meltdowns on the internet -- I am," Tyrese told ET's Kevin Frazier. "Because... you're judging me because you still get to go home to your daughter. I don't have my baby."

"Listen to me, if she doesn't wrap this up," he added, "this nightmare's not gonna end, my baby's not home."

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