'Vanderpump Rules': Jax and Brittany on Quarantine Life and Drama With Tom Sandoval (Exclusive)

ET checked in on Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright at home via video chat as they self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What better time to make a Vanderpump baby than quarantine?

"I would love it," Brittany Cartwright tells ET. "Jax is all scared."

"Have you watched, like, The Walking Dead? Have you watched Colony?" Jax asks. "Have you watched these shows that go on lockdown? Somebody always gets pregnant and they can't go to the doctor and they end up, like, it's either the baby or the mother dies! It's Netflix and Hulu's fault for putting all these crazy shows on TV that make my mind go crazy."

"I just feel like we're gonna be OK, everybody's gonna get through this together, hopefully we can contain everything quickly, hope people stay home and wash their hands, and then we'll be just fine to have a baby," Brittany says.

ET spoke with the Vanderpump Rules stars via video chat from their home in Valley Village, California, amid the near-worldwide shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pair has been open about wanting to start a family sooner rather than later, and Brittany is "hopeful" it might happen while they're trapped inside their house -- if they don’t kill each other first. Jax pulled a major no-no when it comes to quarantine binging: he tried to watch ahead of Brittany on Netflix's Tiger King!

"I got in trouble last night, I stayed up until about 3:30 watching all of it until the very final episode, and she caught me -- she was looking at her camera upstairs and caught me watching it," he confesses. "She's, like, 'Are you watching the show?! Oh my god, it's 3:30 in the morning.' I'm like, no... no… She's, like, 'Bulls**t! I can see you! You're watching it, I can see the camera.' I'm like, it's so good! I can't stop watching it, it's so terrible that I love watching it."

"He knows that's, like, the worst thing you could do, especially when you're in quarantine, you do not watch a show without your wife!" Brittany declares.

The pair says they’ve watched almost everything available on Netflix and Hulu, and are really missing having access to Friends on streaming during this time. Jax and Brittany love the classic NBC sitcom so much, they even included references to it in their wedding vows. Vanderpump Rules fans finally got to see the couple exchange "I dos" last week on what turned out to be the third episode of the season to fully focus on Jax and Brittany's wedding.

"Yeah, I apologize about that to everybody watching, like, we don't choose the episodes so, really, if it dragged on too long, I apologize because it does get a little tedious," Jax offers.

"But we had a three-day wedding, so it was like every day had an episode," Brittany jumps in. "I thought it was great."

Jax jokes that, now that the wedding has aired, the season is over, but in reality, there’s about half of it left to air. The midseason trailer dropped at the end of the wedding episode, and teased a spiral of sorts for Jax in the coming weeks.

"Jax did go through, like, an after-wedding depression type-mode, where he was kind of spiraling for a minute, but it wasn't between me and him," Brittany shares. "It was between him and his friends, so that's something people are gonna see … There was a couple, well, like two weeks, maybe, where Jax was very upset."

The midseason trailer promised more drama between Jax and Tom Sandoval, whom Jax previously told ET he regretted including in his wedding. While Tom appeared to pull through as the ultimate best man on the show, Jax says he was just "acting" and doing nice things for the cameras.

"I haven't talked to him since the wedding, so everything for me, in my opinion, this is nothing -- I'm not bashing him or anything, he's just an actor," Jax says. "I would try too if I looked dumb and then, all of the sudden, I'm at a wedding."

Tom went on to tell ET that he feels like Jax is running a "smear campaign" against him to get ahead of something fans will see in the coming weeks on the show. Brittany says Tom is actually the one who could come off as being in the wrong, as he was "inserting himself in things that weren’t about him."

"But I'm gonna leave this alone," Jax says. "We're gonna put it on pause and we'll re-evaluate it back on the reunion."

The Vanderpump Rules reunion has actually been postponed due to the pandemic; it was set to shoot in early April, with host Andy Cohen, who tested positive for COVID-19. Jax says he’s been in touch with the Watch What Happens Live host since he revealed his diagnosis and shares that he’s “in good spirits.”

As for how Jax and Brittany are keeping their spirits up, they're spending a lot of virtual time with their co-stars -- including planning a digital hangout for Randall Emmett's birthday. The whole gang was supposed to be in Mexico for a bachelor/bachelorette party for Randall and Lala Kent, who were forced to postpone their April 18 wedding due to the pandemic. Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark's wedding is also on the horizon; it's set for October in Italy, the country hit hardest by the pandemic. Jax and Brittany say Stassi and Beau are holding off on making any changes to their plans for now.

For more on what Jax and Brittany had to share -- including more show scoop! -- watch the full interview above. Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo.


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