Natalia Bryant's Sprained Hand Is 'Payback for Making Fun of Daddy's Fingers,' Vanessa Jokes

Kobe Bryant, Natalia Bryant

The 17-year-old also shared an inspiring message about dealing with her lowest moment.

Natalia Bryant experienced a minor skiing injury -- a sprained finger and wrist, Vanessa Bryant shared on Instagram -- but her mom joked that the swelling was actually karmic justice. "This is payback for making fun of daddy’s fingers @nataliabryant 😐🥰," she wrote of the late Kobe Bryant.

"I was waiting for that Vitti finger pull so I tried to distract her," Vanessa added, referring to longtime Lakers trainer Gary Vitti who infamously popped Kobe's dislocated finger back into place during a 2016 game. "Thankfully that wasn’t necessary."

In the video, family friend Dr. Dustin Glass examines the 17-year-old's hand as Vanessa can be heard saying, "Nobody told you to go skiing!" Eliciting a shocked look from her daughter, Vanessa laughs, "The Latina mom line."

"So grateful for good people coming through for us and helping us out when we need them most," Vanessa's caption reads. "Thx for checking on my Nani’s pinky finger and cracking my back #ourvillage"

The Bryants -- Vanessa and daughters Natalia, Bianka, 4, and Capri, 1 -- are currently on a ski trip with Ciara's family. Among a stream of photos of the families hitting the slopes, Natalia took part in the "Post a pic of..." Instagram trend and reflected on one of her lowest moments.

"I wasn't going to do this one, but thought it was important to share because you never know when someone is going through problems of their own," she wrote alongside a photo of herself.

Instagram / @nataliabryant

"I genuinely think that it is so important to find your close circle of trusted people and be able to vocalize your feelings to them when you are ever down or not feeling like yourself. This is also a lot easier said than done but just know that you are never alone," Natalia continued.

"This is something I have learned throughout this year" -- following the tragic death of her father and sister, 13-year-old Gianna, in January -- "and still continue to work at with the help of close family and friends."