Vanessa Hudgens Says She and Boyfriend Austin Butler 'Always Have Each Other's Backs' (Exclusive)

The 'Dog Days' star is proud of her man's recent successes!

Being supportive is the key to any great relationship!

No one knows that better than Vanessa Hudgens, who talked to ET's Brooke Anderson at the Los Angeles premiere of her upcoming film, Dog Days, where boyfriend Austin Butler was right there with her.

"We'll always have each other's backs so it's nice," the 29-year-old actress explained. And despite the fact that it was her big premiere, Hudgens couldn't help but shout out some of her guy's recent successes.

"I am so stoked for him right now, and the fact that he just did Broadway for the first time [The Iceman Cometh], just did a film with Jim Jarmusch," Hudgens raved, referring to the upcoming horror comedy The Dead Don't Die, also starring Selena Gomez and Adam Driver. "I'm like, I can't! I'm so proud!"

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Of course, Hudgens other love is her dog, Darla, so you can imagine Dog Days is a project close to her heart.

The actress talked to ET about her special relationship with her furry friend at the film's junket on Saturday.

"My dog and I, I feel like have a really special relationship, 'cause when I first met her she wouldn't even let me touch her, she was a rescue, she was abused," she shared. "She was terrified of everything, and everyone and through loving her, she's opened up and showed me her personality, and has gotten so comfortable and is now this little cuddle muffin. I can't imagine my life without her."

Dog Days is in theaters Aug. 8.