Victoria Beckham Poses With Nicola Peltz and Family Amid Wedding Lawsuit

Victoria thanked her family for supporting her Paris fashion show.

Victoria Beckham is thanking her family for the support they've shown her and, yes, that includes Nicola Peltz.

The fashion icon took to Instagram on Friday and shared a family photo that included husband David Beckham, son Brooklyn Beckham, 23, and his wife, Nicola, 28. It's the first photo of them together since last month's court filings revealed behind-the-scenes drama that included Nicola's billionaire father threatening to call off the lavish $3 million ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida, back in April 2022.

Victoria, who on Friday kicks off a fashion show in Paris for her autumn/winter line, wrote in her caption, "I couldn't do it without you, I love you all so much x."

The former Spice Girls star then tagged the former pro soccer star, their sons, Cruz and Brooklyn, and Nicola. The couple's daughter, Harper, also attended the soiree. Victoria added in her caption, "Kisses from Paris (we miss you @romeobeckham!). 

In the photo, the entire fam's dressed in black outfits, David and Brooklyn in black double-breasted suits while Victoria donned black slacks, black heels and a black turtleneck. Nicola opted for a multi-color skirt but kept the black theme going with her platform shoes, top and tight leather gloves. 

This appears to be the family's first outing together since an ongoing legal battle between the actress' billionaire father and the wedding planners who organized the extravagant event came to light.

Nicola's father, Nelson Peltz, filed a lawsuit against the wedding planners claiming they refused to refund him a $159,000 deposit. The planners, who were brought in six weeks before the wedding and were let go after nine days, filed a countersuit against Nelson, claiming tension, drama and infighting made planning the wedding extremely difficult.

According to the countersuit, a meeting was held on March 1, 2022, to discuss the challenges that had been faced during the planning of the event -- allegedly including difficulty obtaining accurate guest list information from the different parties involved in the union.

It was at this meeting -- held just over a month before the event itself -- that the planners claim to have heard Nelson air his frustrations regarding the entire affair.

"Nelson said, in front of [the wedding planners], that he wanted to 'cancel the wedding' and that it was 'a s**t show,'" the planners claimed in legal documents, obtained by ET. "But [Nicola's mother] Claudia [Peltz] begged Nelson not to cancel the wedding because it would 'destroy Nicola’s career.'"