'Vikings': Lagertha Hints There's 'No Escape' From Suffering in Season Finale Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

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The season five finale of Vikings is almost here -- and something tells us we might not be in for a happy ending. 

ET has an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's episode, titled "Ragnarok," in which Torvi (Georgia Hirst) asks Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) about what exactly went down during her disappearance -- and Lagertha's answer seems to prove we're only heading more into darkness as the battle for Kattegat approaches.

"I almost died. I was reborn," Lagertha coolly says during a late-night chat with her former daughter-in-law. 

"You were between life and death. What did that teach you?" Torvi asks. 

"The only thing that I have learned is that life is about suffering. There's no escape from it. That's the truth. What's important is how we deal with suffering, how we deal with the truth," Lagertha replies. 

Watch the full scene in the video player above. 

Fans saw Lagertha disappear earlier this season as she struggled to cope with the heartbreaking death of her lover, Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), on the battlefield. During an interview with ET last month, Winnick opened up about her character's extreme reaction to watching her partner die in front of her. 

“When she finally hears his last word, which is 'Lagertha,' that really resonates with her,” she said. “Her whole life, she's been betrayed by so many people, and she's never sure if she should actually trust Heahmund, and for her to actually see him in his last words scream out her name, really has an effect on her. Here's another person she got close with, and now is gone again. So, she ends up leaving.”

"She's now moved her whole life over to Wessex and has fought for everything, lost a kingdom, and now, she has to figure out what's next for her and only her," she added, teasing that with the news that Vikings' upcoming sixth season will be its last, Lagertha's storyline holds more weight than ever. 

The season five finale of Vikings airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on History. Check back to ETonline after the episode for an exclusive Q&A with the show's creator, Michael Hirst. 


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