Vin Diesel Can't Fit in the Car With Helen Mirren in 'F9' Bloopers (Exclusive)

Plus, outtakes from Charlize Theron, John Cena, Tyrese Gibson and more.

Have you ever watched a small child try to fit a square block into a round hole, over and over again? This is sort of exactly like that except it's Vin Diesel trying to squeeze himself into a very expensive sports car, with Dame Helen Mirren laughing the whole time.

ET is exclusively debuting the F9 gag reel, which includes Tyrese making Ludacris puns, John Cena firing himself, Charlize Theron breaking a plane and a whole lot more Dame Helen than you might expect. "He's bloody furious," she says in the car with Diesel, completely dropped into character. "And he's quite fast too," she adds, before breaking.

F9 is available digitally on Sept. 7 and arrives on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 21, with the F9 Director's Cut that includes even more sibling rivalry between Dom and Jakob, never-before-seen flashback moments, a cut Cardi B scene and more.

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