Warner Bros. Looking Into Allegations Against 'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss After Wife Gets Restraining Order

The company's statement comes after the producer's estranged wife was granted a restraining order against him.

Warner Bros. has responded to allegations leveled against Bachelor creator Michael Fleiss by his estranged wife, Laura Kaeppeler Fleiss.

After Laura was granted a temporary restraining order against the executive producer on Tuesday, Warner Bros. -- the distributors of The Bachelor, on which Michael also serves as executive producer -- released a statement addressing the situation.

"We are aware of these serious allegations, and are looking into them," a Warner Bros. spokesperson told ET on Tuesday evening.

Laura, 31, accused her husband of threatening her and multiple acts of physical violence in court documents obtained by ET.

The former beauty pageant star married Michael, 55, in 2014. He had previously been a judge during the 2012 Miss America contest, which Laura won. They welcomed their son, Benjamin, in May 2015. 

Michael filed for divorce on July 9, citing "irreconcilable differences."

The restraining order Laura was granted -- which will remain in effect until a hearing date set for Aug. 6 -- includes the couple's son under the auspices of its protections. Michael has been ordered to remain at least 100 yards away and he must move out of their home.

Michael subsequently denied the allegations made by his estranged wife in a response declaration, obtained by ET on Wednesday, in which the producer claims, "I have not hurt, attacked, or attempted to physically harm Laura or our child."

According to the documents Laura submitted to the court, she and her estranged husband had long had a difference of opinion over how many children they wanted to have together.

"[He] repeatedly told me throughout our marriage, and prior to our marriage, that he knew he would have to have one child with me because I was 26 years old when we got married, did not yet have any children, and he knew I wanted to have a family," Laura claims. "Mike, however, being 55 years old, did not want to have more than one child together."

Laura further alleges that Michael demanded she have an abortion after she discovered she was pregnant again.

"Mike told me, 'If you have an abortion, then we can just go back to the way we were.' Prior to July 4th, Mike threatened me that if I did not have an abortion, he would end the marriage," Laura alleges in the documents. "This was not the first time he had threatened a divorce during our marriage, but now, he was using this threat as leverage to force me to have an abortion."

In the documents, Laura alleges that, on July 6, Michael forcibly took her cellphone, leaving her and their son alone at the family's home in Kauai, Hawaii. She alleges that when she tried to get her phone back, he threatened to push her down the stairs and physically attacked her.

"Just before we got outside of the front door, he grabbed my body, forcibly pinned me up against the wall and held me there," she alleges. The docs go on to state that she filed a police report against her husband at the time.

Michael's response declaration reportedly alleges, "Laura was the aggressor during the incident and physically attacked me. I tried to get away from her as she was chasing me and hitting me. I have security footage from our home that shows the incident, which the Court can review."

Additionally, Michael claims that he and Laura had started seeing a marriage counselor earlier this year over their disagreement regarding having another child.

"I did not want to have another child as Laura had issues with emotional stability and had a difficult time caring for Ben when he was a baby," Michael alleges. "After several months of counseling, we agreed that we would not have another child and Laura told me she had started using the NuvaRing for birth control."

Michael accuses Laura of having intentionally lied to him about using birth control, and claims, "She lied to me in order to get pregnant so she could have another baby even though we had agreed not to."

Regarding the alleged incident in contention on July 6, Michael maintains that Laura was the aggressor and that it left him "shaken up" and "very concerned for Laura’s mental and emotional well-being."

ET has reached out to Michael's attorneys for comment.