Watch 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons & ‘Big Brother’ Star Jessie Godderz Battle It Out for a Girl! (Exclusive)

Jessie Godderz

One has made a living with his pecs and one has wowed fans around the globe with his abs, but who will win the girl?

98 Degrees heartthrob Jeff Timmons goes head to head with Big Brother alum Jesse Godderz, aka Mr PEC-Tacular, in the new video for their single, “The Girl Is With Me,” premiering exclusively on ET below.

The fun track sees Timmons and Godderz, an actor, wrestler and bodybuilder, vying for the attention of a sexy blonde (played by fellow Big Brother star Morgan Willett) while out a bar.

“It’s a little silly and cheesy, but that’s the point of the whole song,” Timmons tells ET. 

The two hunks decided to work together after connecting on LinkedIn, with Timmons initially asking Godderz to host his Las Vegas male revue show, Men of the Strip. Reluctant, the 32-year-old Tainted Dreams star later came around to the idea of giving music a go with Timmons instead.

Setting out to create a modern-day take on Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney’s “The Girl Is Mine,” Timmons created the song concept and Godderz contributed some of the lyrics before the pair hit the studio to record.

“He was actually a lot better than I expected,” says Timmons of Godderz. “He could sing! He was very apprehensive at first, but then relaxed and it ended up being pretty incredible.”

The guys then reconvened at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, California, to shoot the tongue-in-cheek video together.

While these days, Timmons is enjoying family life and wedded bliss with his beautiful wife, Amanda, the 45-year-old musician admits that the concept of competing for a girl’s love is all too familiar thanks to 98 Degrees’ heyday.

“When we were all single and first became popular, we were like kids in the candy store for the first time with having all the girls around,” admits Timmons, who is preparing to kick off the boy band’s Christmas tour on Nov. 1 in Winnipeg, Canada. “And when there was a certain girl one of the guys liked, pretty much all of us would like her. We had a friendly competition!”

So, who got to gloat, “The girl is with me,” back in those early days?

“Luckily, with boy bands, each guy usually has their own fan base, so I think it ended up working out an even split!” Timmons laughs.

Jessie Godderz
Jessie Godderz

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