‘Big Brother’ 20’s Tyler Reacts to Angela’s ‘Furniture’ Nickname and Talks Showmance Future (Exclusive)

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Tyler Crispen didn’t win Big Brother, but he still walked away with a grand prize.

On top of coming in second place and snagging $50,000, Julie Chen crowned the 23-year-old “America’s Favorite Houseguest” on Wednesday night’s finale, bringing his winnings to a nice payout of $75K -- and on top of that, he got the girl of his dreams, fourth place finisher Angela Rummans.

“I haven’t had a girlfriend in a long time, man!” Tyler confessed to ET in the Big Brother backyard after the finale. “[It’s] the weirdest thing in the world to know that you guys saw [us say ‘I love you’ and share our first kiss], it's super awkward, but that's the girl of my dreams, man, I couldn't contain myself.”

Tyler and Angela’s “showmance” came together late in the season, but things seem pretty serious between the two. They’ve already made the decision to move in together, with Tyler planning to relocate from Hilton Head, South Carolina, to the Los Angeles area as soon as possible.

“I hear she's got some room, man,” he joked about moving into Angela’s place. “That's the plan! I'm moving out here for sure. I can't stay away from her. I can't stay away, no … I've never felt like that about anybody.”

Tyler spent nearly 100 days locked inside the Big Brother house, unaware of what the viewers were saying about him and his fellow houseguests. So, ET had to break some news to him as soon as he hit the backyard: that the fans nicknamed Angela “Ikea furniture” in the first half of the season, as she barely interacted with the cast.

“Why?!” he asked with a laugh. “For laying low? Just chilling, not doing anything? … Hey, she had to do what she had to do, man. She got fourth place. She was a power player, but she had to chill on it for a bit. I get it. Whatever. I'll call her Ikea, too.”

Also news to Tyler was that America actually liked him! He admitted to being shocked by his “America’s Favorite” win.

“There was something in my head telling me that, but like, it's a win to be America's favorite player,” he said. “It is truly a win, like, to know America was behind me. I played this game with everything I had and just to know that, it's so crazy. I feel so good.”

Kaycee Clark took home the big win over Tyler on Wednesday, but it was close -- the nine-person jury was split five to four.

“Kaycee deserves it!” Tyler gushed. “Like, she got the jury votes. She deserves it. I always said it, whoever won deserved it, 'cause somehow they got it.”

Hear more from Tyler in the video above. Big Brother returns to CBS for season 12 next summer, and Celebrity Big Brother season two will premiere in early 2019.


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