‘Big Brother’ 20’s JC Offers Heartfelt Apology for Inappropriate Behavior (Exclusive)

ET chatted with JC Mounduix after the season finale, where he addressed criticism for his actions inside the house for the first time.

JC Mounduix is saying sorry.

The 28-year-old Big Brother 20 houseguest came under fire throughout the season for alleged inappropriate behavior, including non-consensual touching of his fellow players multiple times throughout the summer. ET caught up with the professional dancer in the Big Brother backyard after Wednesday night’s finale, where he learned about the controversy for the first time after spending nearly 100 days locked inside the house.

“Literally, like, I don't even think, in my mind, I misbehaved that bad,” he said. “It was all in jokes and jokes, and just living together and doing things as people. I got done so many bad things to me and I didn't complain or nothing. I am so sorry if anyone out there is offended. I swear that I, nothing evil ever came out of my brain and stuff. Even when I was trying to strategize and backstab people, and use them and stuff, I always wanted them to have fun and feel welcomed, and feel like they were having an amazing time there, and love me and feel loved by me.”

“So, if anything out there is offending anyone, please do not take it that serious!” he continued. “I like to be open-minded, I like to understand and I like to express myself how I'm feeling all the time with words, I don't like to go around in a circle. So, if I offended anyone, please, I am so sorry. Please don't, like, troll me online! That's pretty much it.”

JC “hopes” he entertained more people than he offended while on the show, on which he finished in third place.

“I mean, of course I wanted to win, like, having the Big Brother 20 winner title, that would be amazing,” he admitted. “But no, I'm proud of the job I did. I got third place and I don't have anyone to blame but myself. It was just the matter of the competition. Third place. And winning that last competition, would've put myself in top two, and probably, like, winner. I could've worked that speech and made my votes!”

The unofficial puppet master of the season is holding back one apology, though, from his co-star Faysal Shafaat, whom JC repeatedly called a “big, dumb puppet” behind his back.

“I love you, Faysal!” JC offered to the camera. “You know I love you so much. Look, listen. I didn't betray him at all or nothing. Faysal was part of my strategy, actually he was -- I was one of the reasons he made it so far in the game, because everyone wanted to target him. So, I made the other side understand he was my connection to the other side, so they didn't target him that much.”

“Now, when Faysal got all crazy and started making top four deals with, like, some of the people and stuff and talking about using me as a pawn and stuff, it's like, Faysal, it's your time to go!” he added. “I was there playing, I knew exactly what was going on, and that was exactly the time that Faysal needed to go, you know? It wasn't like I was going to make top two with him. That wasn't going to happen. Not gonna happen.”

Big Brother will return to CBS for season 21 next summer, and the second edition of Celebrity Big Brother premieres in early 2019.


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