Watch Charlize Theron Get Asked Out by Viewer After Declaring She’s ‘Shockingly Single’ (Exclusive)

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Just days after Charlize Theron told ET that someone needs to “grow a pair” and ask her out, the stunning South African-born actress got asked on a date -- and ET caught her reaction on camera!

While promoting her new romantic comedy, Long Shot, with Seth Rogen recently, the 43-year-old actress admitted she was “shockingly” single.

"I've been single for 10 years,” she said. “Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up. I'm shockingly available." 

ET’s Kevin Frazier then got a flurry of offers from prospective suitors for Theron, and presented her with one of them during his latest interview with her and Rogen, playing a video message from a man named Doug.

“Hi Charlize, Doug from Kansas City,” said the silver fox. “I do have a pair. I am stepping up.”

In response, Rogen cracked up then concluded, “He seems like a nice guy,” which Theron agreed with, adding, “What a nice man.”

She then happily obliged when asked to autograph a photo for Doug.

Doug isn’t the only one crushing on a movie star.

Theron reflected on another one of her romantic comedy roles, 1996’s That Thing You Do!, in which she starred alongside Tom Hanks while wishing she could have been Daryl Hannah, who played his love interest in Splash.

“Seth is so discombobulated by the fact that I'm obsessed with Tom Hanks,” she said. “[He] seemed very perplexed that he was my uh …”

“That you were daydreaming of Tom Hanks!” Rogen said.

“Yes,” Theron confirmed. “I wanted to be Daryl Hannah.”

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