Charlize Theron Shares the Delightfully Weird Way She Practiced Kissing as a Kid: 'It's Why I'm Single'

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Everyone learns in different ways, we guess!

Charlize Theron appeared on Friday's Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her upcoming movie with Seth Rogen,Long Shot, where the 43-year-old actress left her co-star and the talk show host baffled by how she used to practice kissing as a girl.

It all started when Theron and DeGeneres got to talking about their mutual love of The Bachelor. Theron was able to wrap her head around the idea of bachelor Colton Underwood being a virgin, but could not compute that one of his suitors, Heather, claims to have never been kissed.

"I was making out with myself at seven," Theron shared, when DeGeneres asked her to elaborate. "I made out with dolls and myself in the mirror."

"It's just gross," she added, laughing.

"I used to practice on my hand," DeGeneres shared, at which point, Theron attempted to show DeGeneres and Rogen another way she practiced kissing when she was younger, by gesturing to the crease that connects her forearm to her bicep.

"The arm butt?" Rogen asked, while DeGeneres looked hilariously confused.

"You practice, 'cause it's like lips," Theron attempted to explain.

"So many jokes I'm not gonna make right now," Rogen said with a laugh before Theron quipped back, "It's why I'm single."

"Try on your hand and you won't be," DeGeneres replied.

Watch the exchange below.

In Long Shot, Theron plays the Secretary of State, who finds herself reconnecting with a man whom she used to babysit as a boy (Rogen). Explaining why he wanted her for the role, Rogen explained that his co-star is so funny and charming, but that in movies she's mostly utilized as a cold-blooded murderer.

"I was a huge fan of hers, and I had watched so many of her movies, and I would also see her on talk shows and stuff, and I would always think, 'Wow, she's always so funny and delightful on talk shows, and in movies, she's just murdering people,'" Rogen shared, adding that he hopes the movie will "showcase the non-murdery side of Charlize Theron."

Check out the non-murdery side of Theron in the full-length trailer for the film, which dropped on Friday, below.

Long Shot is in theaters on June 7, and it's not Theron's only foray into the political spectrum. In Fair and Balanced, the upcoming biopic about controversial former Fox News head Roger Ailes, Theron plays TV news host Megyn Kelly. In September, the actress opened up to ET about why she decided to take the role.

"I think it's an important story," Theron shared. "It was written really well, and I think it was the writing, and the filmmaker, that made me realize it was in the right hands."

"We need to tell these stories, for sure," she added.

Watch the video below for more.



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