Watch Chrissy Metz's Stunning Music Video for 'I'm Standing With You' (Exclusive)

The song was recorded for Metz's new movie, 'Breakthrough.'

Chrissy Metz's new music video is stunning. 

The This Is Us star makes her debut as a singer with "I'm Standing With You," off the soundtrack of her new movie, Breakthrough, and ET is premiering the music video. 

Metz, who performed the song at the 2019 ACM Awards earlier this month, shot the video on location in Los Angeles on Feb. 23. Alongside a choir comprised mostly of singers from L.A.'s OASIS church, Metz manages to "walk on water" in a beautiful custom dress. Powerful shots from the movie are also featured.

While she's no stranger to being on camera, she told ET's Nischelle Turner that watching herself film the video was much different than watching herself on This Is Us. 

"When you're portraying another person, you're vulnerable in a different way, but when you're doing something that you love and it's your voice, and it's you as Chrissy, as yourself it's like, it's a little more exposing for me," she confessed, sharing that she "never thought that I would be the person" in music videos like the ones she watched growing up. 

"I'm Standing With You" was written by Diane Warren -- whose tough love approach Metz credits for making the song the powerful ballad it is. 

"She was very clear. She was like, 'Are you an actress that thinks she can sing?'" Metz recalled. "There's no filter, and I love that about her. And I was glad that she was honest with me because she is a person who means what she says and says what she means. I love that. So when you do get a compliment, you're like, 'OK, I can believe her!'" 

Metz's rendition of the song left Warren impressed. "She's obviously worked with incredible megastars, who are incredible vocalists and artists, so to have that seal of approval was [amazing]," she raved. 

The actress said she "pushed past the fear" while recording the song -- just like her character does in Breakthrough. Metz plays a woman whose son makes a miraculous recovery after being submerged in an icy lake for 15 minutes. "You have to [step out on faith]," she shared. 

Between This Is Us and Breakthrough -- which is in theaters now -- Metz has a lot on her plate. But as she told ET at the 2019 ACM Awards, fans might have some new music to look forward to. 

"I mean, we'll see. I love country music more than anything," she teased. "I would love to make some great music, yeah, for sure." 

See more on Metz in the video below. 


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