Watch Snoop Dogg Rave Over Martha Stewart's Drinking Skills and 'Penitentiary Stories' (Exclusive)

'You were ballin' in there, Martha!'

Snoop Dogg is giving credit where credit is due. 

The legendary rapper appears on the upcoming season premiere of Untold Stories of Hip Hop, and only ET has an exclusive clip of him telling host Angie Martinez all about what might just be the biggest "baller" in his life: Martha Stewart. 

"Martha Stewart is the only woman to drink you under the table?" Martinez asks Snoop in the clip. 

"Facts," he confirms. "That motherf**ker's a racehorse with drinking. Oh my god, you would love her, everything about her!"

Martinez suggests that maybe she'll get Stewart on the show. "She'll tell us stories about you. She's probably got good Snoop stories," she replies.  

"And penitentiary stories too," Snoop says, laughing. Stewart completed a five-month prison sentence in 2005 after being found guilty of felony charges of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding and making false statements to federal investigators. 

"She was like, 'I had no problems in there. I had all the girls on... ' Like, she had it going on in that motherf**ker," Snoop recalls in the clip. "'They were bringing me all kinds of noodles and chips and stuff I didn't even want!' It's like, you were ballin in there, Martha!"

Watch the full clip in the video player above. 

Untold Stories of Hip Hop premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv. 


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