Watch the Trailer for Burt Reynolds' Final Film, 'Defining Moments' (Exclusive)

'It's the type of movie that's befitting a legend.'

Burt Reynolds is ready to say goodbye in his final film, the dramedy Defining Moments. And ET can exclusively debut the trailer.

The late actor stars as Chester, who on the cusp of turning 80 has decided he has nine months left with his loved ones. "A baby takes nine months to be born," he explains. "I'm taking nine months to say goodbye." Defining Moments follows an ensemble of characters like Chester, who are at a crossroads in life and must make a decision that could change everything.

The movie's cast also includes Sienna Guillory, Graham Greene, Shawn Roberts and Tammy Blanchard, with Reynolds having wrapped filming before his death in 2018 at the age of 82.

"Burt was one of the most collaborative actors that I've ever worked with. Always prepared and truly willing to try anything. He was lovely. So kind to both the cast and the crew," writer-director Stephen Wallis tells ET. "I am incredibly proud that his last performance was on this film, and that we got to finish that journey with him. I think he'd be very proud of ending his career with Defining Moments. It's the type of movie that's befitting a legend."

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Defining Moments is in theaters and available on demand on Aug. 27.